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PSA/ALG/PDT recent small jet proposal?

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Dork No More!
Nov 26, 2001
The mainline ALPA MEC hotline update for Jan. 21 mentions that they received a proposal from the MECs of PSA/ALG/PDT regarding small jets. The hotline said that the proposal was for small jets for the wholly-owned carriers with job protections for mainline pilots, etc.

He was not specific about the proposal. Nor was I aware that we were making any such proposal. The new "Unification Now" joint MEC committee of the wholly-owneds are fighting for our rights to any additional RJs in US Air colors. I think I trust our MECs to do what's best for the company.

Does anybody know what this proposal entailed? Would the wholly-owned MECs sell our jobs to mainline pilots just to get RJs on the property? I want to fly RJs and get paid RJ pay as much as anyone. I also want any additional RJs to go to us and not the contract carriers. But I don't want our RJs flown by mainline pilots unless they go to the bottom of our seniority list. I could never in a million years support any proposal or agreement that would place a mainline pilot in front of me at my airline.

Why should any of us agree to a flow-down system now when mainline rejected a flow-through in years past. I would rather fly the Dornier for Dornier pay than be displaced and sit in the right seat of and RJ with a mainline captain.

Anybody have any news?
No news here at PDT. Only rumors and speculation. We just had new MEC/ViceMEC chairs elected and both have been directly involved with the RJNow/Unification committee. They have a pretty good handle on what the rank and file pilots at the WOs desire.

Hoping for the best, JetProp.
For the full text of the Airways offer to the code share airlines, check out "Continuing US Airways folly" in this forum. The Airways ALPA / Company offer is there in it's entirety. And man is it a LOSER! Major league looser!
I hope they try

If this goes through I hope they have enough sense to stay away from me in our express crewrooms.:mad:
The best thing to do

The best and really only thing that we can do as express pilots is to talk to our union reps, tell them we wont' take this. Tell them not to accept any deal that undermines our futures. Don't sit on the side lines and wait for somone else to protect your job. 1000 voices are louder than one.
The proposal is a major loser...I not planning to sit by and quietly let this thing be ratified in its present form...Neither are some of the other guys I talk to...Dashdriver, If you have not done so, go to our ALPA site and voice your opinion on "The crew voice". Our VMEC regularly visits and posts on the site.

What me and some of my colleagues would like to see is: Have the Airways folks come here with pref interviews/hiring, but come in at the bottom-just like the rest of us. They will have jobs and then they can bid whatever base/equipment seniority will allow.

No way is it fair to have them come here and help themselves to our senority/jobs.
Regards, JetProp
I don't know about the preferential interviewing thing. Airways has treated everyone "beneath" them like crap for as long as they have been in business.

I don't think the "commuter" pilots owe them anything. If nothing else, maybe it will make them think the next time they try and screw someone.
There is no love betwen the WO's and Mainline...I've personally been treated with rudness and arrogance by a couple of their pilots...for no other reason than being a PDT pilot. The TWA pilots never..repeat..never..treated me that way-when I worked for TSA..

The deal they gave us for a "flowthrough" was 1 out of 6 interviewees came from one of the WO's.. no job guarantee, only a "preferential" interview slot..so we give them the same "preferential" treatment..1-6 interviewees at the WO's are furholed mailine folks. They're probably afraid to give DOH to PDT or ALG because many of our guys are very senior(15-20years of service).

They have kept the WO's out of the RJ ballpark for years now.. and quite frankly we're sick and tired of being sick and tired..
I also heard that the mainline Airways pukes were kind enough to waive the $75.00 application fee for the WO pilots (real big of them considering they are internal employees).

On the PDT front... is MEC Chairman Robert Pantazis still buying $300.00 bottles of wine and charging your ALPA pilot group? (A friend of mine told me about that caper.)
Fortunately, the scandalous BP days are behind us and we have new leadership to keep us moving forward. Hopefully, into the jet age.

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