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On Your Six

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Mar 8, 2004
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I thought this was an interesting statement:

"It is adding 10 additional aircraft a month and, in September, it expects delivery of 80 Bombardier Challenger 300 planes."

Makes it sound like XOJet will take delivery of 80 airplanes in September. That's some serious growth all at once! Is XOJet really adding 10 aircraft a month? I think the writer/PR firm needs to do some fact-checking...


Randomly Specific
Jul 13, 2008
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I think the reporter misunderstood another citation X for ten aircraft, and we are accepting the first of our order of 80 cl300's this month.
I think this is just a case of aviation lingo once again being misunderstood by the media. I always laugh when I hear a reporter say something like " Today a Cessna Piper Baron made an emergency landing after the engine stalled because the mixture was feathered".