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Feb 24, 2005
A freind and I were talking about the FAA PRIA and interviews. About the only thing that the FAA PRIA says is what ratings you hold, and if you have had any enforcement actions. These are also standard interview questions. Then the question came up about busted check rides. As far as I know the PRIA says nothing about if you passed the check ride the first time. How does a company know what FAA check rides you passed on the first attempt? We know that all 121/135 check rides follow you from the PRIA your previous employers release when they are requested, so why does the FAA PRIA not have the same information? It would make since to me, but then again you are talking about the gov't.
Your previous employers (135/121) are responsible for maintaining your training and checking records, not the FAA. The FAA will audit those companies to make sure they are doing that job. The FAA "PRIA" check verifies the licences and ratings you have and any legal enforcement/violation actions on those certificates. You would be asking the FAA to maintain alot of records if they tracked all the 8410 forms. Your previous employers will have those forms and your history of pass/fail.
Thank you for the post. However, I think I covered in the original post that there are two different kind of background checks. The ones that comes from the FAA, and the one that comes from your previous 121/135 employers. The question is how does the company know if you ever busted any check rides while working on your ratings? Is there no way a company can find out if you busted and checkrides while working on your ratings? Another question, do they actually care if you busted any checkrides that were not in the 121/135 environment? Sorry if I was not clear on the actual question.

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