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Pre-solo exam question

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Sep 13, 2004
One question simply askes:

When should you make a go-around?

I wana put: Failure to line up with runway, unexpected winds/gusts, and obstructions on the runway.

Anything else??? All the other questions are pretty cut and dried.
How about if a safe landing is not assured in your mind?
We could make a list so long it would gridlock the internet. The ones you listed are ok with me though.
Too high, too fast, other aircraft on runway. In general, anytime you feel uncomfortable about your approach.
Thanks guys for the info. Just wanted to be sure I took everything into account.
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GravityHater said:
How about if a safe landing is not assured in your mind?

That is the answer I look for!

- You are too close to the preceeding aircraft
- You are not established properly for landing at 300' agl (a generalization)
- Will land more than 1/3 down the runway
- Obstructions on the runway (animals, people, vehicles, other planes)
- Obstructions beside the runway that are heading towards the runway (animals that appear to be walking towards the runway - better to go around and monitor what the animals are doing)

The list can go on and on, that I why I look for the answer "any time a safe landing cannot be assured" then orally expand on that.
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If I pull the nose above level on final I automatically go around, because I have a tendency to end up too low and too slow. I'm trying to break that tendency.
Well 99% of the time in pistion aircraft we enter the pattern at 1000agl. So anytime below that, while lined up with or turning final for the runway, if you feel the landing cannot be made in a safe stabilized manner then go around.

This could be the result of any number of things. WX visability, traffic, wind, animals, "unstabilized" (ie - too fast/slow, too high/low, not lined up), ATC tells you, aircraft not in proper landing configuration (gear/flaps)..... well you get the point.
There are lots of reasons for going around.

Unstabilized approach - too much yanking and banking.
Too high/low on final (good rule of thumb; 500' 1/2 mile out)
Too fast/slow
Aircraft cleared for T/O slow to begin the roll
Something just doesn't feel right
Gear not down and locked
Overshooting final
Not cleared to land
Faster traffic behind (normally advised by tower to G/A)
Heard of deer running across rwy. (happened to me)
Too much floating
For practice
When your instructor tells you so!
NookyBooky said:
When you realize you're on final for the wrong airport.

Ha ha! Always look in front of you, and if you are cleared to land on 11R, you see a 11R in front of you, not 11L, not 4. Good point!

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