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Potomac Air & Jets for Jobs

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Board Member
Dec 8, 2001
It seems quite odd that when USAirways originally started their Quest for a merger with United and gave birth to Potomac Air that all the Wholey Owned Pilots and ALPA cried bloody murder because of the percieved threat to their jobs. Now that Airways wants to startup Potomac Again with their (mainline) employee's all of a sudden all the "Wrongs" of the past magicly become "Right"!!!!!
Whats wrong with this Picture? I wonder who are the real "WHORES" now!

Their is no arbitration judge that will allow this to "FLY"!!
Dude, you are crazy! What makes you think that anyone at a wholly owned thinks ANY part of this deal is "right" now??? This deal sucks for us now as much as before! And we will wait and see if we can resurrect our alter-ego greivance once this starts up! Where did you get the impression we are for this? That is insane! The 3 wo's are once again being left out of any deal which brings RJ's to our property. Being left out, once again, leaves us feeling that the flying we do will eventaully be outsourced to Potomac and Mesa. Nobody sees it any different!
talked with 2 buddies from Allegheny today and they feel pretty much the same way. They are afraid that unless they get the jets the flying they do will be outsourced. One guy (who's in the SIM was worried about possibly being furloughed because of the deal) he also said that somebody in the training department is somehow against getting jets. But don't quote me on that last one.
Well, maybe it's because those jobs at Potomac Air will be their jobs, and they've got 1350 on furlough. Could that have anything to do with it? That's why scope is the most important item in a contract. It's to conserve jobs for your own members.

Arbitration??? What's there to arbitrate? Does your scope clause prevent the startup of a new company with new aircraft and possibly new routes flown under U code?

For the sake of arguement, does your scope provisions prevent, say, US Air mainline from buying RJs and have them flown by mainline pilots under US Air code? If not, why not? If mainline scoped its regionals out of unlimited aircraft, why didn't you guys scope them out of flying RJs?
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Last week, I had two charters where Allegheny mechanics had to be flown out of MDT to fix broken airplanes. This week, I'll ask some questions.

If I find out anything, I'll put it here.

This sounds pretty bad...
Maybe I just don't understand what the big problem is here. US Air is a dying company that is trying to get itself back from the dead. They want to increase their RJ flying to do so. So what if they want to put their furloughed pilots in the seats of those jets. Why is it such a big problem? I haven't heard or read anything that suggests any of the wholly owned carriers will lose flying or jobs because of this. Even if some flying was lost, without those RJ's, that flying would be lost to other carriers in the long run anyway. And without those RJ's, US Air goes by-by and the there are no more wholly owned carriers.

If these RJ's bring back customers with $$$$, then the long term effect on the entire system which includes the wholly owned, will be brighter.

Someone tell me what I'm missing.
It's all US Airways flying and should be flown by US Airways pilots (if they want it.)

In the grand scheme of things, us regional guys are just "hired help" doing the flying that the mainline guys don't want to do. If you don't like it, apply to the low-cost majors/nationals (Jetblue, SWA, Air Tran.) Just quit whining about how US Airways pilots are taking away YOUR USAirways flying. (Just listen to how ridiculous that sounds!)

Velcrojetdriver, AMEN TO THAT 1000'S OF TIMES OVER. Get over it wholly owned, the flying isn't yours okay? Got it yet? NOT yours. If it was, we wouldn't be having this conversation. 1100 mainline pilots are on furlough and you guys have been expanding. Whose expense do you think this comes from? You are entitled to NOTHING just like Spaulding in "caddyshack"... "You'll get nothing and like it!!!!" If you're life sucks look in the mirror. That's the guy who got you here nobody else. Quit blaming the US Airways pilots or their MEC. Get over it.
Not Quite

Excuse me!

I recently chided the regional pilots that it was not their flying. Well it is not the mainline pilots either.

The point you are missing is that when uSAirways signs an agreement with Mesa that restricts Mesa from doing other flying and imposes certain rules on them, that comes with an obligation the other way as well.

That you will not compete with me works two ways.

If any of you think that this whole thing is not the end of scope as you know it, you are not looking at the situation. Literally everythin g that has happended says that the airlines are not going to take this stuff anymore. If they have to reverse code share, spin off, sell out right, or whatever, they will not be going along with any of the restrictions that reduce their right to manage their own assets.
Becket, you are either a Mainline pilot or you don't really understand what all the complaining is about. I guess that's the same thing. I know I have 0% chance of explaining any of this to you so I won't waste both of our time trying. But I would ask that you please try to get all the info on the US situation before blasting the WO's. (that means both sides)

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