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Dec 3, 2001
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I am currently awaiting a class date with Cathay. CX is a great company and career with a lot of growth opportunities, but it is certainly not for everyone.

You will find a lot of negative comments on CX here and Pprune, and to me it seems like sour grapes and rumors. I have several friends that work at CX and they are very content there. They have indicated to me that CX is very political (much like a corporate job), and you just have to play the game and keep your nose clean.

Both my 1st interview in the US and 2nd one in HK was the most pleasant interview experiences I have ever had. Everyone I met was very cordial and professional.

I believe what makes a difference is how prepared and motivated a candidate is or not. The CX interviewers have absolutely no tolerance for someone showing up unprepared.

In the US the theoretical knowledge threshold required to get your ATP is very low, and some people just never move beyond that point.
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