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New member
Apr 10, 2002
Just curious, I just got my CFI and have about 350 hours. Of course finding a job has been rather difficult. I'm wondering if there is any opportunities for me in the military. Being 28 I realize that I wouldn't fly any of the fighter jets, but I would do anything to keep flying. I know absolutely ZERO about the military, so any input will be appreciated. And I have a Bachelor degree already, does that matter? Thanks.
Age isn't the cut-off for fighters...it's the cut-off for flying!! You got about a year and half, assuming you're 28.5, to get your act in gear to start pilot training by age 30. That is not a lot of time seeing as how 3 months are at OTS.

Good luck, we are all counting on you!
Foget active duty. That's for nerds. Go Guard and go early. Hint: Baseops.net. It's like winning the lottery!

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