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Possibilities For EJA's New Contract

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
I would like to hear some of the items being sought for the new EJA Contract. I know the contract may take a while to settle.
I know pay is a major issue-but what other items are a must?
1 7/7 Schedule?
2 Fly from anywhere?
Just some examples I personally think are important-now I would like to hear yours

Thanks and Fly Safe
in addition to scheduling (7/7 or something more equitable to all) and gateways:

-retirement (we only have 401k)
-rest & duty rules (eliminating endless standby and get reserve. can currently be called out after sitting stby for ANY length of time)
-better grievance rules
-end probation when pilot makes capt or 1yr (whichever is first)
-better definitions section

major issues i can think of at this early hour.
Kind of strange to read this...BIZJET737 has passed away awhile ago...young and unexpected. You always live on in the internet I guess. Does that make the internet Heaven? If so I am in Heaven now? But I am not dead? Or am I?
You know I was thinking the same thing. But I think his username was just a little bit different. Something like 737bizjet but the picture was the same.

RIP Randy
Why do you care what IBB will produce for the NJA pilots? Anyone who reads your post would never guess that you were a netjets pilot up intil a few years ago. If you've been reading this board, which I know you do, the information you want has already been discussed.
its me-

for 3 posts on this board, your last one was just gave me the ****************************** chills.

Sounds like chuck turned you down and you're just bitter.

get over it. He was asking the question.
I would be interested to hear what former Netjets pilots (pre-rat departures) think about the current conditions and the proposed conditions at NJA. Any regret in departing when you thought the grass would be greener on the other side? Of course, this industry is a crapshoot anyway - how would you predict things?

I heard a few JB guys recently came over to NJA having hated the monotony and insecurity of the airline biz.

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