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Position in the real SWA pool

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Well-known member
Jan 11, 2002
Had my monthly with J today and asked a more direct question than normal, 'which class would I be in if classes started again?' She informed me that I was looking at the 5th class. I am currently 40 on our pool list. Looks like RB's estimate was correct. Sorry about the bad news but we all need all the information we can get. :(
Get the word out...

I figure that if only half of the folks are on the list we all probably know of 1 or 2 dudes that have not signed in. We need to start a campaign to raise awareness and get these folks listed. I know we are all either trying to get into the pool or get out of it and into a class. The problem is we are working with only partial information. If you know of anyone who made it through the DB get them to register on this list...


I always hated Stats but having the truth out in the open will be better for us all...

"Mozam" - Keep on Keeping on...
curve ball....

OK guys... I have been waiting for this one.... have been pondering it... waiting for the question to come up that would prompt shedding light on the issue.

Just confirmed last week (for SURE, no B.S. on this one... totally verified!)....

A SWA F/O buddy of mine has a friend who started in the July 15th class. His interview date was Oct, 2001. He interviewed WITH a B737 type. That would put him in front of several current poolies on our list.

Of course, who knows - I did NOT find out (yet) IF he was a stop/loss guy.... but the timeline still does not work out...?

Yea, I know... me too!?!?!?! How, when, why, who.... there is NO way to figure out the SWA "order of merit" or whatever you wish to call it.

The position I had to finally adopt is this;

1. I have a great job
2. I am thankful for my great family
3. I am healthy
4. I did the hard part... made it through the interview & background checks
5. I will eventually be called for a class
6. I must be patient and focus on living in the NOW....

However you slice it, dice it, or run it through mucho analysis - it IS what it IS.... try to relax and enjoy where you are - dreaming about where we are going is GREAT, but. try not to obsess about it for now!!;)

I don't mean to force my ideals on anyone, just using the forum as my personal catharsis for speaking my feelings and venting my occassional frustration with the Endless Wait. Not easy for any of us.... but, hey - we are here, not waiting for interviewing to start, or waiting to build time, etc.... we have paid our dues, qualified, interviewed, and have been thrown in the pool!!!

Have a great day - hope my rant helps just one fellow Poolie!

Have a great day!! Tredding in the NOW.... (or trying to....:) )
Over 70 737 types in 3 weeks?

Pegasus and others,

Here's something to think about. If the last guy hired for the 15 JUL class from our pool list was interviewed on 25 Oct 01 (KT) and you received your type on 17 Nov 01, then it looks like at least 30 737 types ratings were obtained by our poolies in that three week period, including the 2 below you.

Now, if you have been told you'll be in the 5th upcoming class, and you're currently number 40 on this list, we're looking at another 40 or more guys who received type ratings in that three week period (assuming interviews stopped in October.) My question is this, WHERE did they get the training? There are only a handful of schools and sims in this great country of ours which offer 737 training. How many more could they have cranked out in 3 weeks? And why don't those guys know about this web-site? Surely the 30 or so already here must have been in school or were a sim partner of a few of these mystery guys.

Now as far as the total number in the pool, I believe the pool size is "just a tad over 300" (to quote a pretty good source just prior to the 15 JUL class), so you can deduct that we're looking at less than 300 by now.

Here's a tip for any of you furloughees as well. If you want to complete this list as well as we can, check out your ALPA web-boards for any posts on SWA and do some networking to determine who, from your airline, interviewed and was selected by SWA. Same holds for the military guys, an even closer network it seems. Or even try calling or e-mailing your 737 instructors. I'm sure they have a list of names.

My point is that I just refuse to believe that over HALF of those REAL poolies out there are "uninformed" without all the good mojo we pass back and forth and share with each other. Either we aren't doing our part to spread the news, or those folks simply don't exist. Well, maybe a few really do, but I doubt the total's as high as some have been quoting here lately.
Relax guys

Swimmers, I've been reading your posts for a number of months, and believe me, I understand your excitement and desire to get class date info, but this is going nowhere.

Trying to figure out when you'll go to a class is wasting your time. You don't have all the info you need to make a good guess. You know not everyone in the pool has signed up on your informal pool list. Even so, I draw the parallel to someone trying to figure out how any major airline actually decides to call someone in for an interview. There must be some laws of physics being broken here.

I'm not bashing on anyone here, I just see a lot of people spending a lot of emotion on something that in the end, you won't believe is true until you are sitting in that classroom.

Go live your life, and when they call for a class, great, go to class.

Like the great batters say, "see the ball, hit the ball." You could say, "get the call, go to class."

Somthing to ponder ...

While I agree with the advice not to think about this too much...I cannot help myself

"There are only a handful of schools and sims in this great country of ours which offer 737 training."

There are a lot more than you think.

"Now, if you have been told you'll be in the 5th upcoming class, and you're currently number 40 on this list, we're looking at another 40 or more guys who received type ratings in that three week period (assuming interviews stopped in October.)"

I am afraid you've made an error in logic as well. There is no need for these folks to have gotten their types or have interviewed during this time frame. The only requirement is for them to be "ahead" of him in the pool - they could be VERY far ahead, but simply unavailable for previous classes. Several (who knows how many) folks are coming available in the next few months as stop loss comes to an end. I suspect our representation from the stop loss crowd is weak because many of them have been pretty busy.

Finally, Pegasus (poolie #40) going in the fifth class seems pretty reasonable as we tend to average about 10 per class. That being said JBs predictions are notoriously conservative and we are due for some better representation in the next few classes.

Sooooo, after that long preamble and much waiting here is my prediction to the end of Pegasus (and others) perilous predicament:

The next class will be still mostly stop loss - we'll get no furhter than late october pool dates - i think it'll look like:
1._____________ Bake
2._____________ T-1Limbo
3._____________ Freek Biscuit
4._____________ Dirty
5._____________ NoName
6._____________ Pinion
7._____________ Enos
8._____________ Ricinphx
9._____________ 225
10.__________ Jinxy

Then we get rolling:

11.__________ Slug
12.__________ McC
13.__________ Coach
14.__________ Eagletalon
15.__________ Bkmach2
16.__________ DH200
17.__________ Moonbeam
18.__________ Qxeplt
19.__________ RJDRIVER
20.__________ Donegal
21.__________ Skids203
22.__________ Jetpltrich
23.__________ Airfido
24.__________ T1bubba

After that the next cut off will be very close to Pegasus - could go either way. RightBettor - I'll give you 3-1 Pegasus gets in the 3rd class from now- 1-3 on the 4th class.
how to find your class date

Here is some help for all of those attempting to find out WHEN you will be in DAL for training.

I sincerely hope that this post will help some of you to find a better life & peace in your souls while waiting for your dream career to begin..... Regards - Tredding

Try going on the Web for help;

Online Quija-

Online Magic 8-Ball-

Crystal Balls Online-

An Online Psychic-

Have a great day Everyone!!

Thanks for the links...I ordered the Large Quartz Crystal Ball and Stand Combo. Should have a good, clear view of the future now.
Standby for future predictions...

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