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Polar Air Hiring

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Well-known member
Feb 23, 2002
Just thought I'd point out that Polar Air Cargo is advertising for First Officers on their website. Not sure when this opened up, but it's the first I had heard/seen of it.

If anyone has any more info, please post!

"Requires 3,500 flight hours and heavy jet or wide body flight experience. " Just in case anyone was wondering. Good Luck!
Atlas Furloughing?

Rumor Mill has it that Atlas, Parent Company of Polar is furloughing 170 Pilots. Sounds like it could be a management ploy to lower the overall Pay Roll Expense???? You gotta Love Creative Financing!!!! It still seems as though training costs will soar unless they have worked out a pretty good deal on that issue. Im just wondering what their really up to.

Since when is Atlas the parent company of Polar Air Cargo?

Are you sure you dont have them confused with Poland Air Cargo which Atlas purchased recently?

Yes. Furloughs are a management ploy to lower labor expense. I dont think anyone has debated that. Whats your point?

Let me spell this out for you.
1. Atlas Worldwide Holdings owns Atlas.
2. Atlas Worldwide Holdings owns Polar Air Cargo.(they purchased Polar from General Electric during last QTR. 2001
3. Both Companies fly B747 Classics and B747-400's.
4. If Atlas furloughs 170 Pilots where do you think they will look for their next job? Not a tough question FLYDOG...
5. Where do you think the 747's that Atlas is furloughing these guys from will go? Again not a tough question since we already know Polar is hiring.
6. Now for the financial questions.....
7. Will the Equipment Payments change for Atlas Worldwide Holdings??? No, since they own both companies it just goes from one balance sheet to another.
8. Will the Pay Roll change for Atlas Worldwide Holdings? Yes since all of these furloughs are on at least second year pay and it will take most of them at least another year to get back to that pay. --Hope your still with me.
9. Now, the Big question......What kind of deal does
Atlas Worldwide Holdings have in place for Training Costs. Its probably pretty good since the wheels are turning.

By the way Flydog, The Yellow on Sectionals is proportionate to the amount of dogs in urban areas peeing on Fire Hydrants at any given time of Day. LOL
POLAND air?? Geez. Atlas Holdings owns Polar Air. Be very careful about getting involved with ANYTHING to do with Atlas.
There is a rumor that Atlas is going to furlough their crewmembers since the Atlas crewmembers rejected their TA. This in combo with the outsourcing crews to the UK as another defacto union busting move, makes Atlas Holdings Inc whole operation suspect. I think it likely that Atlas will transfer flying to Polar to punish Atlas crewmembers. Bet the Polar and Atlas MECs are burning the midnight oil trying to figure out what those "people" (term used loosely) at Atlas Holdings Inc. are doing now.

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