Plantronics MS-200

UPS Capt

100% IPA
Nov 25, 2001
Total Time
I bought one a couple months ago to use in the A300-600. In a word..It SUCKED! A big waste of money. The ear piece has a sweet spot, that you can never find, in order to hear anything and it's constantly falling out of your ear anytime you move your head. It lasted one leg and I decided it was junk and went back to my old headset.

I very recently bought a Plantronics MS30-1B Starset and I have to say that I LOVE it!. My f/o had one and it sounded great on the radio with no background noise or distortion. I've never really liked headsets with those ear-dickie things but he had a great idea that sold me (yes, even f/o's have great ideas occasionally!<g>). He took one of those foam ear plugs, squeezed it together and then punched a hole through it with a paper hole punch. He then put the pink tip of the ear-dickie through the hole and then inserted it into his ear for a snug fit. Works great..last a long time!