Plagarized Plan, to fill the 9/11/02 sky


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Nov 26, 2001
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CRJ_Driver posted this in another string. I think it needs a string of its own. I encourage each and everyone to promote this idea within his own company.

Originally posted by CRJ_Driver
Without a shadow of a doubt, I plan to be in the air that day. Whether I'm in the cockpit or in the back, I think its a great opportunity for everyone who can fly for free to show they are not going to let terrorist's win!

I believe ALPA, APA etc. . . should encourage all employee's to passride that day if able to show support of Enduring Freedom, the airline industry and all of the victims and hero's of 9/11/01.

If you agree with this and are planning to fly..please reply and show your support!

Thank You and God Bless America!