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Pinnacle Contract

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Well-known member
Sep 26, 2005
Pinnacle guys, How is the contract negotiations going? Is it something that might be done soon. How much of an improvement in FO rates are you expecting? any other info?

Contract Negotiations were in full swing up until the beginning of Oct!!! They were rushing to get things done by the end of Jan or Feb so they would have hopes of bidding on new flying, however..........
With Everything in the Red Tailed family going on Uncle Phil came to the table asking the union for Concessions. Uh yeah, like we got anything else to give back?? They of course said "No way", Uncle Phil at that time, said, Fine all bets are off, cancel the rest of the 3 or 4 weeks of Negotiations we have scheduled!!! Then the best part comes!!!!
In our V files we got a nice letter from him stating "It is clear to me that the Union does not want negotiate a contract that allows us to stay within our current cost structure." Yeah No Sh!t!!!!
The Pilots at Pinnacle want to be paid more money and they want Trip and Duty Regs along with other improved work rules!! So negotiations??? Non existent until Dec 6th?? Then apparently they'll scratch their heads again and put it off some more. Uncle Phil has a plan to expand the business. Find more flying, buy 70 seat A/C, however Northwest will not not, or most likely will not give us those planes. If anyone gets them it will be a "Jet for Job" "Newco" thing or Mesaba will get them since they are taking the big hit here.
So nothing says 9E can't buy their own planes and fly for Colonel Sanders if they want, however in order to do that the Pilot Group at 9E will be forced into yet another bad contract. The Pilot group needs to take a stand at this point and time and strike. The Company is already understaffed as is. A strike would put a hurtin' on Uncle Phil's lifestyle. God forbid he's gotta downgrade the Rolls to a Jag!!!
Mtnjam....you don't know shi* about the PCL pilot group or current negotiations. Just shut up.

Smarta$$...We are continuing with negotiations on the sections that are currently open (four sections I believe). The future of negotiations beyond that is currently unclear but the company claims that they will have a better idea of their future with NW by December.

FO's will clearly be the biggest gainers in terms of increased compensation as they are currently up to 35% below market rates.
doin time

Obviously doin time knows more than I do. That seems to be the way it is at 9E. Somebody always knows more than the next guy, however I don't see a contract coming anytime soon. The company has no benifit from doing so. They are saving money now. I don't see a good contract coming even when it does. At least not what folks are expecting........Time will tell........
Not exactly correct...

Uncle Phil "needs" a new contract. Nonconnah has dreams or plans depending on how you look at it. The key to the dream is the pilot contract followed by the FA contract. No one is willing to jump into bed with uncle phil without these.

Will the next contract be industry leading? I doubt it, but it will get us up from the bottom part of the list.

I would anticipate some significant movmement on the contract in the upcomming months.
Have you guys begun to negotiate the FO pay rates yet? What might they be changing to? Where is the process now?
Does Pinnacle have any trip or duty rigs at all? Any min day? Is the only pay strictly actual flight pay or just block? Any extra pay for picking up extra or open time?
Smarta$$ said:
Does Pinnacle have any trip or duty rigs at all? Any min day? Is the only pay strictly actual flight pay or just block? Any extra pay for picking up extra or open time?

Nope on the duty rigs.... no min days.... pay is based on trip values for leg with a trip value and for the legs w/ no trip value is whatever block is on that flight trip values are recalcuated every year..... normal pay for open time unless the company is desperate... JR is at 125% and ext are at 150%
No wonder you guys parked 15 planes and still need to hire... I think I honestly would have kept my CFI job... and anyone that knows me knows that really says something...

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