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Pinnacle class on Friday needs pilots...

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Well-known member
Jan 30, 2002
There is a new-hire class for the CL-65 starting on Friday 7/19. The pool is dried up, and the company still has open spots in the class. The mins are 1500TT and 300ME. You pay for your own room till checkride is complete.

Call 901-348-4100 and ask for Kim Monroe.
No I believe it's a NWAirlink that used to be Express I. What kind of pay is it? Where is class? How much do you get when you are in training? How long til checkride? I find it hard to believe that they can't find pilots for class.
The airline formerly known as Express Airlines 1. School is about 8 weeks. No pay till you pass your check ride. First year pay is 19.54/hr 75 hour guarantee, min 10 days off per month. Bases in MSP DTW MEM. Getting 2 CRJ's/mo till at least apr 04 for a total of 83. Latest upgrade is under 1 year, but will most likely go up.
Pilot's needed? I have had my resume on file there and so have about twenty other people I know (all above the mins) and they say they need pilots? Where'd you get this info? I'm still gonna bite but just askin...
I'm curious myself. My app has been on file for over a year and I update once a month. Currently fly a Beechjet and King-Air F-90. No calls here
Wow, 8 wks without a paycheck and you get to pay for all expenses including hotel. All that for $17K a year and they're having trouble finding pilots?!? Go figure!:rolleyes:
Here's the deal. I'm in upgrade right now in MEM. Friday during class some company suit was going down to ATL to the airfair to offer class dates to fill the class this coming friday. Planning ahead is not a strong suit of the company. If your resume is on flie call Kim Monroe fisrt thing tomorrow and tell her your stuff is on file and you are still interested.
Wait till you find out the duty regs, and work rules. Then ask when the amendable date of the contract is. This will be the answer to everyones question why it is hard to find guys and gals willing to give that kind of a sacrafice.

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