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Pink Slips !!

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Archer 3

New member
Nov 28, 2001
Ok..I got a pink slip on my Private Checkride...landings killed me that day for some reason. I havent done the second ride yet. My question is, how do the airlines view the pink slip? I know it is not a good thing any way you look at it but how does it really affect your chances at an airline or a career in aviation anywhere? If the airlines reject anyone with a pink slip I see no reason to go on from here and invest time and a lot of money into something that is not going to happen. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Don't worry about it, the most important thing is learn from the experience!

You will be fine, a pink slip on your Private is in no way the end of your Aviation Career.

Don't make a habit of getting pink slips though!

Good Luck and Fly Safe!

Falcon Capt.
Nobody is going to care about a failed practical test for the private pilot certificate, unless it was the fifth time in a row. However, you can use the event to your advantage. You'll always be asked about any failed checkrides, and this is a good time to fess up, and then show how you used the experience to better yourself.

Explain why you failed the ride, what you learned from the experience, and what you did to prepare to pass the next ride. Show the event in a positive light.
Everybody has bad days, sorry to hear about yours. Recruitment people also realize that people have bad days. Remember, that failure won't be in bold print at the top of your resume. Chances are the airline would call you for an interview before they ever discovered this. The will probably dig it up as part of their research before you actually interview, and thus it will be fodder for conversation on the big day. When they ask you if you've ever failed a checkride, by all means, give em the straight story. They already know you failed, now they want to know why/what you learned, etc. Better to bust the private than to bust your last 6-month Part 135 check right before your airline interview.

Failing another ride would start to look bad, as it could be construed as a trend.

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with airline HR. My $.02
Pink Slip

Don't quit now if flying is what you really want to do! A pink slip will not keep you from a career in aviation. The only thing that can hurt your future is you. Anyway, by the time you have enough time to be hired by the airlines, it will be so far back in your history it wont matter too much. You will have taken and passed so many check rides that your private wont matter too much. It may come up in an interview or on an application but just be honest. For corporate aviation it will not cause you any problems at all. Everyone has a blemish somewhere in their past, it's just what you do after that matters. Show them you don't give up and that you can overcome.

If you really want to fly, go study hard and work on whatever you were weak on in your ride, go take it again and pass. You are just getting started, have fun but work hard and you can do whatever you want. Companies want to see determination, now is the time to work on that.

Good luck, and don't forget to enjoy the journey. Most pilot's forget to enjoy the journey, they are too preocupied with the destination!

Lots of people bust more than one ride during training and to on to successful careers and fulfilling aviation experiences. Just get ready for the recheck and give 'em hell.

Here's a suggestion for a couple of years down the road. When you are ready to apply for the commuters or freight or whatever, order your airman record from the FAA. It costs $10 max, is fully tax-deductable, and you will have the same records others can obtain about you. It will give you a chance to prepare credible answers to interview questions and app questions about failing checkrides and minimize your being sandbagged at an interview.
Don't Worry

I have two pink slips and got hired by one of the finest airlines in the world. It didn't even come up in the interview. And if it does, you just honestly tell them what happened that day, accepting the blame for the mistake, and how you went on with your career without it having a negative affect.

I would much rather fly with a man or woman that admits their mistakes versus one that thinks they walk on water.

Keep flying and welcome to one of the best careers in the world, even with the pink slips and the furloughs.

We're all human and people do bust checkrides for a variety of reasons. Flying isn't easy and when you get down to thinking of everything that is involved , there is a lot to it.

Get back on the horse and move on. One can learn from every experience. Having an incident/accident or other violation is another story.
Most everyone i know busted their IFR checkride on the first try, me included
Learn From It, But Don't Sweat It!!!

Everything above seems to be right on Target. Make sure you learn from your mistakes because your going to make plenty more along the road. Hopefully they will not be on chekrides though.

I busted my Instrument check ride and really felt bad at the time. All pilots for the most part are perfectionist. We all hate to fail at anything we do in life. You know what, were human. Keep pressing on and what ever you do dont get to wrapped around the axel. Your the MAN (or woman) in charge. Stay Confident and you will do just fine. Someone above said enjoy the ride and I would have to confirm that. Its one heck of a ride full of memorable experiences and some not so memorable. What ever the memory is keep being as honest as you are now and people will respect you in this industry. The only guy that ever walked on this earth that was perfect died for all of us along time ago. Press on Brother.

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