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Pilot Survey

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Well-known member
Feb 24, 2006
I am a Graduate student in the Master of Aeronautical Science program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University conducting a study on the effects of current FAA rest requirements on airline pilots.

The link to the survey is below:

Responses are sent electronically to a database that does not identify users, so your answers will be completely confidential. Findings will be released only as analyzed data or summaries in which no individual’s answers can be identified.

Please take a few moments to share your opinions and experiences. I appreciate your taking time from your busy schedule to contribute toward this important research about pilot fatigue and FAA rest requirements.

If you would like a summary of my findings, please send me your email address at [email protected]. Once the study is complete, I will email the summary to you.

Done, I think.

Was I supposed to do anything where they ask me for my email etc? I ignored it and closed the browser.

Good Luck.

Good luck, man. I've been working on my GRP for about 4 years.
Question 4 should of had an alloftheabove choice. I'm "even steven" when it comes to doing transcon/hub to hub/international. I'm sure a lot of other guys are the same.

Could you post you survey numbers when you're done with the research? Good luck.
I'm sure you already know this, but you are aware that people can respond to the survey multiple times right?

That's gonna potentially skew (and invalidate) any statistics you get from the responses.
If he is like most guys doing this, he is trying to check a box. As long as he gets his data, all is well.

One of the very first things my professor of "Research and Statistics" (the required pre-thesis class) told us was "Never, ever, under any circumstances do a survey for your thesis. You'll spend a ton of money and time, and no one will respond and it will take you forever."

Fast forward 2 years to when I was ready to do mine. My thesis advisor (which the school picked) said "You can only do a survey. That's the only thing I will accept".


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