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Pilot/Security question. Please...

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Well-known member
Sep 19, 2004
Is there a market for a high-time, international, transport jet pilot with security background, previous clearances, and weapon proficiency?
Before you ridicule me, remember the internet isn't as anonymous as you would like.

HA! Got you, I'm joking! But, maybe you reconsidered that smart-**s response for a second. Did you?

The initial question about a job was serious, however.
PM or reply to [email protected] , if you prefer.
Thank you.
My current company doesn't worry about security because they don't have to. However two previous positions did and they had corporate security/executive protection departments to worry about it. As pilots, we occasionally had to listen to their "briefings" about what to do and what not to do. My last employer would always have security people at the airport for major functions and international trips.

Those companies that do have this as a concern don't care what type of background their pilots have in this field as their executive protection people are former secret service, CIA, etc...
I wish I had a dollar for every time I have watched the TSA security video. I hate videos. On a side note, maybe you could take over the TSA. You sound more qualified than the baboons running the thing now.

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