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Pilot pay for Citation Shares

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Well-known member
Jul 4, 2005
I was wondering if the info on Airline Pilot Central about the pay at Citation Shares was accurate. What is stated is that the first year FO's and Capt's make the same as the ten year guys. I am sure there is an increase but it is not written. I was just curious.

Thanks everyone
CS Raises

Raises are 3-5% per year. When you upgrade, you start at the base Captain pay again and then start you raises from there. Upgrades are running 12-14 months roughly.

Hey thanks so much for the info. How is the hiring there? Are they planning on hiring in the forseeable future? Do you need to know someone to get hired there?
Also, what about the benefits? Any info will help
Hiring? For the foreseeable future.

Need to know someone? No, but helps.

Benefits? Health, Dental, Life, 401k w/match available.

MSP? Don't know.

The 680 is a very sweet machine. What do you think the whole fleet will be like in 2 or 3 years?
your pay only increases if you are a company man and agree to fly over 14 and accept less then ten. Flying broken airplanes is part of the job if you ever want a pay raise. Dont call in sick and dont bitch and moan when you dont get the vacation you requested. Great place to suceed if you are a kiss a#$ otherwise go someplace with a contract.....

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