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Pilot meals - what are you eating and other stuff

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Marriott Platinum Member
Dec 2, 2003
Maybe a corny question, but what is everybody eating? For breakfast, I typically eat the "standard" fare, eggs, juice, coffee, or cereal/oatmeal.

I take one adult Centrum every day and one baby aspirin every other day (supposed heart benefits).

I keep a Clifs bar with me along with a few bottles of water, I eat the Clif's bar about halfway thru my flight, it is in no way a meal replacement, more a "keep the sugar up" device.

Our flights are typically 2-3 hours min per leg with one to two legs a day, every day of the week.

Anybody use sunblock or I am the only nerd who does it? I put it on, usually a non-greasy sport cream, before landing, since I typically am on the ramp or walking around outside alot.

How about working out? I will get hot and heavy in the gym for like 2 months then a lot of trips come up and I don't see the gym for 2 more months. I guess thats called progress?

Just wondering what you guys are doing
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hot and heavy in the gym? i hope you're talking about lifting weights... :D
satpak77 said:
Maybe a corny question, but what is everybody eating?
I usually pack a lunch. Apples, a container of my homemade soup, a sandwich.

Today, I packed two apples and a salami and swiss cheese sandwich. Ate that for breakfast after I set the autopilot on departure and got cleared direct. Washed it down with a big cup of coffee and some Copenhagen.

For lunch, I ordered a 14 pizza from the local art gallery (it's a strange town that I layover in). Wolfed that puppy down with two bottles of coke.

When I got home, decided to do the diet thing and not have supper, just 5 or 7 Pilsner Urquells.

Today was not a normal dietary day...just felt seeing if the new Docker stretch waistband trousers were up to the task.
Usually start the day off with a big bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit and some coffee.
for lunch usually a turkey sandwich and a couple of bananas.
For dinner it is usually something thrown on the grill with veggies and some form of carb
I also try to get hot and heavy at the gym at least every other day.
Always try to get something from the pilots four basic food groups.


Always follow the mantra " Eat until you're tired, Sleep until you're hungry"

If you follow these guidelines you'll medical out right at age 60, perfect timing.
Type in on pager to crew services-
Breakfast- Chicken breakfast burrito with fixins, oj, and fruit
Lunch- Mediterranean platter with extra pita bread
Dinner- Caprese salad and bowl of roasted tomato soup.
EDUC8-or said:
The only problem is I think I'm growing more hair on my back from all of that potable H20.
Dude, if you're in any way consuming potable water, especially from a CRj, stop immediately. You're probably better off scooping some rainwater off the ramp. Potable scares me.

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