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Pilot ID's

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Nov 25, 2001
I just heard this one on my local news. The story said anyone who wants to rent an aircraft must show a driver's license. They also said a photo ID will soon be issued for pilot's to carry.
Interesting story- I don't remember many of the 9/11 terrorists actually presenting Photo IDs to hijack those ill fated carriers. Once again the FAA is trying to put a band aid on a broken leg.
Yeah, photo ID's aren't going to prevent anything. But GA's biggest enemy is public ignorance, and this may help take a lot of the heat off of GA from the media, etc...with minimal sacrifice on our part.

It's a sh*tty situation, and obviously we can't give in to everything to placate the public and media, but photo ID's are pretty harmless.
I think checking IDs for rentals is a good thing, that way they can be sure that they are renting them out to the right person not just some fake terrorist threats. I know when someone that doesn't know me at my FBO always asks to see my ID. After they know you they probally will not ask any more.

As far as carrying it, I always do anyways, so its no big deal. How else are you going to drive when you get there.

What they need to be doing is starting to roll out a system to make it easier for aircrews to get though security. Something like a smart card system that checks with a server to see whether that person is flying today.
I guess I don't get it.

I have always had to show my Drivers License when I pay for the rental if I pay with Credit Card or check, so nothing really changes.

I have to show my ID when I buy jeans at The GAP also when paying by credit card. Big Deal.

ID's are easy enough to forge anyway. Hell I had a few when I was younger and you couldn't tell the difference. It is just a false security blanket that makes people feel good that something is being checked. It doesn't fix or solve anything, but I don't mind.

Pilots IDs are a good idea, but again easy to forge. There is new technology out there that are basically "smart IDs" in that the Card has a microchip in it and requires the users fingerprint to be inplace for verification or authorization. As far as I know it is still in Beta versions, but could be on the market soon. Again, this isn't a fail safe method, because if you can get your hands on the chips, you could build your own.
Actually, even if you could forge the chips, it wouldn't be a large security breach. The chips only contain an ID number in them, which is used by the scanning machine to look up that number in the database. So all the information about the cardholder is on a government computer somewhere.

So yeah you can program your own ID on the card, but if the ID doesn't match up w/ the government's records or doesn't exist, it's a no-go. The problem with the current ID's is that they're verified only visually (in most cases). So as long as you can print your cards, you're good to go. But with the new cards, you'd have to hack the government's database.

It looks promising... these new cards can even track and log you as you pass through security gate. Obviously some privacy can-of-worms there... but hey, it's a start.

Only exploit I can see is something like those guys who use dead people's social security numbers... :confused:.

I would agree that these new cards could open a can-o-worms with privacy issues. I partner with a company that has its hands in the development. They want to use them as security cards for restricted access area's (like airports and offcie buildings), bank cards, computer and email access, cell phone and PDA use (enter or swipe the card for access to your account) and a host of other ideas still on the drawing board.

It is a good start, will have to see how the beta models work and what the real end product can really do.
Will these pilot ID's double as the actual certificate, or just in addition to the certificate?

I think anything will be better than the "kindergarten project" certificates we have now. Makes me want to buy some safety scissors every time I get a new one. Pathetic!

About making false pilot certificates, the current ones could NOT be any easier to falsify.
They could be used in that format. I don't know that they will be used for that, but all it takes is a company to use (and buy) the cards and program for their product.

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