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Piedmont question

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Registered User
Nov 25, 2001
To those who work for Piedmont, what do you think about the company? Good place to work?

Yes, Piedmont is a good place to be. The other thread on pay/contract is dead on. We are growing and hiring as we speak. 75 pilots by April seems to be the most reliable info. Upgrades are running just shy of three years seniority. The lines have been crappy the last few months, but that's understandable. The stablility of US Airways is probably my main concern at this time.
Not to contradict the previous poster, but I worked there before, and left a few years ago. I still have friends there, and wish them no harm, but I would not advise anyone to work at Piedmont. Their management is very poor, and the only reason the pilots are treated descently is because they have a good contract. Other employees are not so lucky. USAirways management has shown that they would do anything to help themselves, including selling out the wholly-owned regionals. Why do you think that Mesa got the jets? I also think that USAirways is not long for this world. Their pilots are worried about scope and small jets, and that may be the only thing that could keep them alive. The regionals kept them afloat in the 90's, as they made all the profits. I fear that the mainline pilots are going to scope themselves out of a job.

As I said, I hope they make it, as I have a lot of friends there, but I woudn't go there if you had a choice. Good luck to all of you.
Another former PDT...

You will make a decent living with decent work rules. That is where it may end though. Currently PDT and ALO are in good positions, they have been in the black for years. For Airways that is good as they are cash cows for them.

I would guess it would be good for another few years. After that the next contract will not be as good. When the regional industry will be more than 50% jet and at less pay and in some cases less work rules I cannot see a good argument for PDT to get a better contract then they already have. Also, too much hinges on Airways future. I am sure ALO and PDT can run by themselves but I can also see Airways bleeding them dry first.

Both are growing, that is good, but they are growing at the expense of Airways. Most of the "new" flying is because Airways eliminated the equipment (and crews) on those routes.

When and IF it ever turnsaround take a guess who will lose then.

Best of luck though...

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