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Piedmont Q400???

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Over the hump to Pahrump!
Sep 4, 2005
With the prediction of 105 or so turboprops in the Airways/AmericaWest merger plan, and mesa, tsa, and colgan flying being reduced for airways, where is this number comimg from? RUMORS are that Piedmont is getting more planes. Anyone else heard anything?
it would be really interesting to hear what management has in mind for piedmont. I have heard rumors that Colgan was going to reduce their US Air flying and switch to Continental because they don't like the instabillity of Airways.
I would love to know if Piedmont is planning on continuing to shrink or if they actually want to expand operations. Anybody heard if Piedmont is going any further west???
We haven't downsized yet! We have heard that we might be shifting 4000's hrs. of flying! Some say a PHX crew base!! Only rumors!! And that they are looking for 10 more Dash 8's. Rumors, Rumors, Rumors!!
Its all rumor!! Only fact was that out of Mr.Parker's (CEO of US and AWA) mouth. "Piedmont will be kept, because it is a highly profitable airline and flexable... meaning we can fly these airplanes anywhere..."

Not the best place to work, however we are not the worst either!!!
More reasonable than new airplanes, my question is when are the old ice beaten and sun faded dashes going to get the new paint job?
G2T said:
Where are they going to get old 100s from?
What? You think there aren't hundreds of them in storage in Calgary? That's where Island Air keeps coming up with the pieces of crap they sent the rented 200s back for.
I'm sorry I don't keep an inventory of where Dash8s are stored; and Island Air is in Hawaii, so I don't get to check out their "pieces of crap" while I'm wondering around the F terminal or clt. It just seems that it would be a huge expense to get lots of old 100's through heavy checks for those that are due and up to flying status again.

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