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Piedmont interview

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Just lined up an interview with Piedmont. Anyone interview there lately? Any info on the process would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

How Long?

I have a friend with similar experience levels, how long from submission til you were notified of an interview and was it via a letter or email or phone call.

I sent in a resume Christmas day, got an e-mail the next day, with an interview on the 17th. Times were 1800tt with 900ME 800ME turbine

Me too! Sent in Dec 28, e-mail invite on 4 Jan. Check your private messages, I've got some gouge.

PDT Interview

They take you upstairs and talk about the company a little, then they get right to the ATP type written exam.

I think they give like an hour or two for the test, can't remember exactly.

Then after everybody finishes you go downstairs and you either go to the 2 on 1 interview or you go to the computer test which envolves number matching, colors, memorization skills, etc. etc.

If it turns your brain into soft noodles the test did its thing, they are just looking to see how you do under pressure AND how good you score, its also timed. I have heard they put alot of emphisis on the score though, whether they still do or not I don't know.

Just a hint, do not say how hard it is while doing the test or anything negative about, they are also looking for good attitudes.

After that, you are pretty much done. Lots of nice folks there and it is a pleasant aptmosphere, it is very laid back.

No sim evaluation either.

Good luck,

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