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PIC Single Turbine vs. Multi Piston

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Nov 30, 2001
Hi, this topic may have been beaten to death but I would sincerely appreciate any and all opinions on the value of PIC SE turbine vs. Multi Piston. Does it matter either way?

Which of these would be better for the next step... either a quality regional or a fractional?

I have about 300 multi now, 1350 total.

Thanks a lot for your input.
Eeeny, meanie, miney . . . .

My gut reaction would be to build more multi recip. You can't have enough of that. Usually, companies for the next step up won't expect applicants to show much, if any, turbine. In your case, at this point in time, if you could build about 200 more of multi and get your ATP, you'll be competitive for most regionals. They really won't be expecting you to show any turbine.

I would say that if hiring were to pick up, multi requirements would go down. In that case, you could gain somewhat of an advantage with the single turbine.

I have a friend who has gotten on with EJA. He has about 8000 total, but comparitively low multi, at about 400. But, he got a job flying single-engine turbine freight and built about 800 hours of that in a year or so. That probably got him in with EJA.

Hope that helps a little. Good luck with your decision.
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I don't think there is any one right answer to the question. However, as long as you have a decent amount of multi most airlines dont frown on single turbine as much as you think. An example would be a few friends of mine who went from flying a PC-12 to flying for a major. I dont know anyone who has gone from a piper apache to a major airline. Also, SWA requires 1000 PIC turbine time....... no mention of multi time. There have been countless SE fighter pilots who have fit right in to the right seat of a 737. I think it matters more the actual quality of time youll be getting. Its kind of a loaded question but i would try to fill the gaps in my logbook.

As for myself i'm getting SE turbine PIC now but i have 1000 multi with 700 multi turbine SIC. I recently took the job as as SE turbine PIC because i was weak on PIC and this job affords a way better quality of life. That was definitely best for me but everyone is in a different position.
It used to be multi-time... recip or turbine, and PIC time. But now... the most difficult requirement to meet for most is the 1000 hours of turbine PIC time that some of airlines require (Southwest and Jet Blue just to name two).... So how ever you can get 1000 PIC turbine as soon as possible... That would definitely be the way to go because that alone will get you the interview.
as stated: there may not be a right answer

I encountered the same situation. I was offered a caravan job when i had 300hrs. I was all day vfr skydivers but I was low time and was still in college so it was a good chance to fly turbine. when i got the multi i got a job flying a twin otter again flying jumpers. i am not sure how this time is looked at because it is up and down all day never straying more than 5 mi from the runway. i am at a regional now and they seemed to like the time. single vs multi is the question. you need the min. multi time to get in the door but single turbine is looked at highly because of the systems and types of operations, usually night fright and charter. hope it helps, good luck ryan
good darn question

Best answer-----It depends
As previously mentioned, the 1000 pic turbine requirement is a killer to tons of otherwise well qualified applicants. Some airlines(majors that is) specifically state it, other used to, and some use it as a benchmark regardless of whether it was ever stated or not.
One to watch out for----Turbine requirement at FedEx.
F-16 works, Caravan doesn't.(turbojet vs. turboprop)
The turboprob needs to be multi to satisfy their definition.

Now, to get to a regional, previous post was right, you won't "need" the turbine. However, once at a regional you will very shortly have multi time coming out of your ears. Double however, 500-750 multi would be nice, but 350 is way better that zero.

My advice----If you have an opportunity to get pic turbine single in front of you, take it. Especially at your total time it's a golden opportunity to get your 1000. No, that particular 1000 won't work at fedex. What will work is how marketable you'll be at that point. You will likely still not go straight to a major, but can probably have your pick of regionals(hiring, of course) and have a shot at the very competitive fractionals. Resume stacks are full of guys with multi piston, pic turbine is still somewhat unique. Good luck.

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