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PIA/NW Airlink Openings

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May 12, 2002
I understand that we are taking on a few more FO's for our Shorts operation within the next few months, send your resumes in if you want 121 tubo prop time while sweating 24/7 (its just a little warm out here).
Other than being stuck in the South Pacific thousands of miles from anywhere flying from island to island (we are the dirty little secret of NW Airlines no one knows about), and the constant sweating, its not all that bad (did I mention its hot out here?) www.pacificislandaviation.com
time off

what is the commute like form the mainland, or is it even allowed? what is tthe quality of life like?
fly safe.
South Pacific

I've flown around the S. Pacific a little and I love it......What I would give to chill out in some S. Pacific Atol....hmmmm.....So, what sort of pay, benefits, etc are there?????
I don't know who SHORTSDRIVER is, but i flew there, he may know me.

I was there when they got the Shorts and became NW Airlink.

It is not in the South Pacific, it is the Marianas Islands, Guam is the biggest island to the south at 13 degrees North.

It used to be 10 legs a day. Guam , Rota, Saipan, are the three islands they fly to.

It is a good time, NDB holding and some Typhoon flying.
The company is based in Saipan, Central Northern Marianas Islands.

Guam 360
How long does it take to upgrade? I have quite a bit of Shorts SIC time myself. What is the pay scale and cost of living like?
GUAM360 is right!

Here's the scoop
Pay - $1,200 1-6 months, $1,800 7-12 months, $2,000 after 12 months
Upgrade - 10-18 months, min 500 hours on the Shorts. Captains start at $2,500/month
Benefits - Decent medical and dental, Jumpseat privileges on NW, ID 90-95 on many others
Commuting - NO way, it takes at least 2 days to get here from the states (you now must overnight in Narita), plus the schedule changes constantly
Quality of life - While GUAM360 is correct in that Saipan is just north of the equator, the CNMI's are very much "South Pacific". Not real cheap, HOT, Typhoons, minimal civilization, and lots of U.S. welfare to the locals, BUT, they do have airplanes to be flown and cold beer. What else does a fella need?
Re: GUAM360 is right!

ShortsDriver said:
..... they do have airplanes to be flown and cold beer. What else does a fella need?

You forgot women! what's the lady scene look like?
Had any of those Brown tree snakes hitch a ride with you from Guam? I hear they like to get up in the wheelwells.
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If you like that sort of thing

Lets see, there are about 15,000 locals (Chamorro), and 40,000 garmet workers (Chinese, Bangladesh, and Philapinos), all female. So if you are in to the asian thing, this is your kind of place. We also get alot of Korean, and Japanese tourist.
Currently we are flying 16-20 days a week with 6 to 8 legs a day. Basic day is 8-12 hours long with about 3.2 to 3.8 hours of block time a duty day. All in all its not bad, but the island life is not for every one (check out www.saipansucks.com), and its pretty hot, as in living on the sun hot.
We get some IFR, unfortunatly it normally comes with high gusting winds (25-40 knots) and always comes as a nasty crosswind while trying to land (ever wanted to know what its like to land a Winabago in a 30 knot crosswind? It aint fun, and carries a pretty high pucker factor)

Do they stick pretty firmly to the 1500 and 500 minimums they have posted on their website? They say it's an insurance requirement. Just curious. Thanks in advance.

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