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PHL tax question?

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Strokin it...
Jan 14, 2004
Theres a nasty rumor running around AWAC that PHL is going to slap employees with a 3.8% tax even if you live in a different state.

Can a PHL commuter (USAirways or PSA) please either confirm or squash this rumor.
Wouldn't surpise me although I don't know if it's true. Check out Phila.gov
Might be some answers there.
It's true... Philly has a City Wage tax... Not sure of the percentage, but it is in addition to state/federal and is non-refundable in any way. It comes out automatically, there is no filing at year's end, and you pay if you live in philly and work elsewhere, AND live elsewhere and work in Philly.

SUCKS.... Sorry to bear bad news.
I can't confirm if it is true or not but I heard this a while ago. Those that are familiar with the terminal layout in PHL or work there can confirm. The border of the city of Philadelphia is a line that runs right in between terminal A & B. If you work in terminals B,C,D,E and F you are working within the borders of the city of Philadelphia and get charged the city wage tax. If you work in terminal A or A West, that is technically Tinicum Township in Delaware County, PA and you do not pay the city wage tax... Maybe someone that works for AA in PHL can confirm as the are in terminal A.
When I was based in PHL i did not get the city wage tax and I live about an hour north of PHL (outside city limits).
I have been told about the "special" gate but do not know or remember enough info about it to post anything reliable here.

Back in the 90's I was based out of PNE and the company I flew for was based outside the city limits and i lived outside the city and did not get the tax back then.

I know its not much info but I hope it helps. Good luck getting a parking pass. And when you do good luck finding a space or not getting cought in the middle of a gang fight or car jacking. And if you make it that far good luck getting a bus to the terminal.

If your luckey to get that far good luck making the "death ride" on the bus which winds around Bartchum and Essington Ave onto 95 then 290 to the terminal. The driver is usually talking on his or her cell while hold a conversation with a pal on the bus and driving at the same time. Do not stand in the front of the bus as you will be the first thru the windshield when Sha'na'na the bus driver rear ends the SWA white trash pax that stoped in the middle of 95 because they missed the terminal exit.

Once you make it to the terminal area (consider yourself blessed or a cat with 9 lives) if you value your life or limbs you may want to get off at terminal A and hoof it down to F (F terminal is where you AWAC guys will be parking, its kind of like the kiddie table at Thanksgiving). If you are the sporting type or just lazy like myself get ready to be packed in like sardines when the TSA or SWA or other ramp worker shift changes. Sometimes there are so many workers craming onto the bus that you miss your stop because you cant get your bags and get off before the driver slams the doors shut and speeds off to the next stop. If you miss terminal F then you get the fine opportunity to start the whole process over again from the parking lot.

Also do not get on the "Econo Lot" bus or the "Cargo City" bus unless you would like a free 30 min tour of the PHL airport area. But your tour won't end there if you make this mistake, you will be deposited at cargo city and have to wait another 30 minutes to get the bus back to the terminal where you will need to get off and get on the proper "Employee lot" bus and take the "death ride" in reverse back to the parking lot. Then try and find where you parked your car because the bus does not drop you anywhere near where you'll be parked.

When I get some time I will post the info and number to sked an appointment to get your parking pass. Your going to love this process.

Welcome to PHL
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It's True

I was PSA CP in PHL for 9 months, There is a City Tax. I didn't live there, I commuted and never used a local address but my office was in the Express terminal. Do not know the exact percentage but Money disappeared monthly.

Good Luck,
Effective for wages paid after January 1, 2005, the wage tax will be reduced to 4.331% (.04331) for residents of Philadelphia and 3.8197% (.038197) for non-residents working in Philadelphia.

Prior to January 1, 2005, the rates were 4.4625% for residents of Philadelphia and 3.8801% for non-residents.

Great... displaced and a 3.8% pay cut. Cant wait. Maybe I'll make it up while I'm holding trying to get into PHL. *SIGH*
According to our tax department at AWAC we will not be required to pay this tax if we don't live there. Only people who live there

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