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"Pending" Status?

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What up What up
Dec 3, 2001
On August 8th I passed my CFI Checkride, but I have been issued no certificate number. Where the certificate number is supposed to go, it says "Pending". Does anyone know anything about this? Also, if I want to give instruction, what number do I use when I sign someone's logbook? I have tried calling the AOPA Hotline as well as the FAA Airmen Certification Branch and have came up with no answers. Any information would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your time!
Unless you requested a number other than your social security number, it will be the same as your pilot certificate number plus the addition of CFI at the end of it. Your experitation date will be 24 calander months after you were issued the temp.

I just used my normal cert. number plus the CFI at the end of it along with the expiration date when I signed log books until I recieved the permanent certificate in the mail. I have also seen others just sign their name and then put "pending" after their signature. I'm not sure if it really matters as long as everything is dated and you have the temp to back it up. Other than having a current commercial certificate and medical, I'm not aware of any other restrictions on a temp. CFI certificate.

Like gerneraltso said, it might be a good idea to ask your examiner for his/her opinion.
Apparently, you requested that your SSN not be used on your CFI certificate, or at least the DE got that impression. You won't have a CFI certificate number until the FAA computer generates one for you. It'll likely be the same as your existing pilot certificate number (plus CFI on the end) unless you're presently assigned your SSN as your pilot certificate number. Use "pending" for logbook signoffs until you get your permanent certificate. (It will have a number on it). Having "pending" instead of a number on your temporary certificate in no way restricts your authority to instruct.
The FAA has stopped using Social Security numbers for safety reasons. I renewed my CFI in June with a really nice lady I know at the FSDO, and she said that all of our numbers will change eventually, but you know how slowly the FAA does paperwork... Anyway, the new number is much shorter. I would call the FSDO and ask them. I hadn't even thought of that, so I've been writing my old number in my student's logbooks until yesterday when I got my two shiny new certificates! Maybe I should give that nice lady a phone call....
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I had my ride yesterday. The DE said that I should use "pending." I asked about the social security number bit and he said they may or may not change it so I have no idea if I will get a new commercial certificate or not. I'm thinking that unless I specifically ask them to change it that it will remain the same. AV1ATRX, are you saying that they are going to be changed at some point whether requested or not?

I'm not sure what the deal is on that. I know mine is changed on both the CFI and Commercial, and when the FAA lady gave me my temporary, she told me that I would get a new number because they were changing the system and were going to stop using the SS number. If you are being issued a new certificate for some reason - adding a rating or renewing a CFI, for example - you'll get the new number. Now as for folks who never add on, I don't know. She made it sound like it would.

BTW, love the avatar RT!

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