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PDT's new website, its full of bugs, beware...

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Well-known member
Jun 24, 2004
Apparently we have a new website. I submitted a new permanent bid base through the online submit option and checked the box for an email conformation. It came back saying my new vacation change had been submitted? Sent it again, same message came back about vacation. So I called up and had a wonderful conversation with Loretta and she confirmed that she had not recieved any new base bid for me. So be careful with the new site, I doubt thats the only bug in the system. I guess ill have to go back to faxing the stuff in.

Oh and when your in Philly, be careful with the elevator up to the crew room. I got in it by myself a few days ago, and I felt like someone was watching me. So I looked down at the floor, and low and behold a mouse was looking right back up at me with his little eyes. Since it was just us two, I felt the need to say something to him, so I spoke to it. I think I said hi or something to that extent. The FA felt bad for it after i told her so she went back and shooed it out into the hallway upstairs. I cant imagine what it would have been like if a bunch of FA's piled in there with that thing.
Philly has been full of rats forever... Where do you think "bourbon chicken" comes from? Heck, while stuck there late at night a couple of years ago, I saw so many rats where Airtran used to park on the F gates that the capet appeared to be in motion. Pretty sweet, huh?
has anyone been having problems with bidding for Dec with the new website? a friend was bidding and get some errors!! HAHA Guess we are going to have to fax and call to make sure they get it, or the who company id going to be sitting res all month!

I just submitted my bid for DEC and didnt get any errors, at least that I could see. Tryed calling Loretta and didnt get ahold of her. Hope it worked....
Ah yes, the "bourbon chicken" saying. Do people still say the "let me tell you..." comment with the accent and think they are the funniest original person out there?
I submitted my Dec bid using the new site. It seemed to work OK with one exception. The "confirmation e-mail" included a statement about "the following bid was received from xxxxxxxxx at xxxxxxxxx" but there was no copy of the bid. When I called Loretta to ask about it she told me in her ever pleasant manner that yes they have received all bids.

I started to ask her how she knew that they had received all bids since there was no way they would know if one wasn't received unless a crewmember called to ask about their bid, but just dropped it.
Has anyone submitted their 48 hr. bid yet? I did last night and the comfirmation e-mail that I got was that my vacation bid was changed!!!! Just love the bugs!!!!!!

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