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PDT Town Hall Meeting???

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Well-known member
Aug 12, 2005
Anybody attend the "town hall" meeting that supposedly went on last night??

Also, anyone heard anything about CASS? I am getting tired of explaining to all the NWA gate agents that mainline is CASS and we aren't.
Just heard from someone on the JS commitee that april will be the soonest we see it. For once it is not PDT powers that be that are dragging their feet it is the mainline IT department that is dragging their feet over this. Our jumpseat guys are actually working hard to get this put into place, but as usual momma mainline is holding it back.....
We had the same problem at XJT but finally got it through. In the end I believe we went on our own instead of piggy backing on CAL's CASS system. Mckpickle could correct me, as he is our jumpseat coordinator, but I believe that was the case. Perhaps he can provide more details.

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