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PC-12 Down in Montana

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Apr 16, 2002
CNN is saying that there is 17 dead. I thaught this was a single that carried maybe 10 at the most! How can you get 17 in a single engine turbo-prop. If it did have seventeen on board maybe that is why it crashed.
Fox News just said it was a twin turboprop. Beech 1900?

Godspeed to all those who perished, thoughts and prayers with the families. A large number of the fatalities were children...
The genius at CNN is saying that the PC12 may have been a stunt plane, or that it may be a small cessna plane...but this is the same genius who is simulataneously reporting that the FedEx MD11 down in Tokyo would have at least one pilot, and possibly also a copilot onboard...

They are saying the FAA are confirming 17 onboard are dead. Is there a PC12 config with 15 seats in back?? The pax were apparently all kids on a ski trip.
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UK Ops TCDS from factory 1+14 seats Same as C208.
US ltd to 2+9 Same as C208.

Sad day indeed. Seaport was startup couple of years ago (2007?) out of Portland, OR and operating around PacNW.

What would the pilot be thinking? 15-16 people @ 150# avg in a rear CG after burning 1500# JetA (600pph @ 2.5hrs FT)? You would be alright on takeoff as that big motor slings 1200HP of airflow over the tail. You are screwed on short final with the power at idle and no airspeed (~80-90KIAS) to keep the nose lowered.

children under 2 on laps? This doesn't sound right, that would mean that they had 2+9+ 5 children on laps! All under 2 years? In a PC-12? something isn't right.

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