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May 9, 2002
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Hey Everyone,
Just got my initial CFI yesterday, and now plan on instructing and building up the requirements to fly part 135. My question is about the 500 hour cross-country requirement. It's my understanding that this is airport to airport, and is not subject to the "greater than 50-mile" stipulation for ATP, etc. How do you log this if you go up with a student and fly to another airport maybe 20 minutes away, do some touch-and-goes, and then practice maneuvers? If you're up for, say, 1.5 hours, but only fly to another local airport, then is all of this time loggable towards the 135 x-ctry requirement or is there more to it than that? Thanks for your input.


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Nov 26, 2001
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The FAR you need to look at is 61.1(b)(3). If you land at another airport you can log the whole flight as cross-country.

Now that you’re an instructor you should keep track of cross-country time that counts towards 135 mins, and cross-country time that counts towards your ATP. A little further down in 61.1 you'll find the requirements for ATP cross-country, but basically anytime you fly more then 50 miles from your starting point you can log ATP xc, even if you don't land.
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Nov 25, 2001
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Here's what I did to make this easier:

When I converted over to Logbook Pro, I created a new column titled "X-C, > 50nm" and filled in the time as I made my entries. It helps me see just how many hours I need in every category to prepare for the ATP, which should happen around December. I continue to fill in the cross country column with all flights to another airport, which I began doing after attaining my commercial certificate.

Also, logbook pro makes a nice printout to show the feds for the logbook inspection, along with the handwritten book that I also keep currrent.

Of course, one of the best parts is the lack of math errors!