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Panther Navajo

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Nov 25, 2001
I was wondering if anyone has any experience in a Panther Navajo and could provide some numbers.

I am looking for your real world findings on:

1) Fuel burn in climb and cruise.

2) Climb and cruise airspeeds.

3) Pros and Cons on the Panther conversion.

4) If available, insurance costs.

5) And any opinions on them.

Thanks in advance for your info.
I fly the panther chieftein model. My fuel burn in climb is approximately 38 gph/side at 40" mp and 2500 rpm. Cruise is 20gph at 33" and 2300rpm. I climb out at 140kts and cruise at 185 indicated at 10,000 feet. I flight plan at 200 and usually get that +/- 5 knots. I have flown the panther navajo and the straight navajo and by far prefer the panther. It has the power to get you out of a jam when needed. I have not lost an engine but have had the power pulled for simulation in July (Texas) with full fuel and close to gross weight. It WILL fly on one engine. The straight navajo will make you pucker in that scenario. The airplane was mine and the insurance for me was about $4,000/yr. I absolutely love the panther conversion. Any other questions feel free to ask here or pm me.

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