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Pan Am anyone??

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New member
Jan 28, 2002
Has anyone heard about the new Pan Am and what the "big Picture is"? If you have any of the officers names or spelling it would be greatly appreciated. They are getting 20 United 727's and I'm a furloughed United pilot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Good Luck and fly safe.
If you have access to the forum board the infomation was posted under furlough pilot section..
If not PM me and I will get you the information that was given out..

Anything to help a fellow furloughee
Like a minnow in a bass pond,

my last post seemed to draw a lot of attention...

I have a good friend flying for Pan Am...if he passes any good info to me this weekend, I'll be glad to share it with you all here.

Being fuloughed, I'd be happy to help any fellow furloughee I can!

Mark, thanks for making this board available!
Don’t know about the other guy talking about PAA. he must be new, but It’s not that good.

A lot of the pilots who have been here for a while are getting pissed because it appears that management is going to try to break the union.
They are not hiring any more pilots here BUT they will be hiring for a 129 operation called pan American world airways. .

There will be NO UNION, no work rules and you can bet the pay is going to suck .

Good luck
I'll second the wickster...

Some Army guy has been drinking to much of the blue cool-aid out of the big blue ball.

The Dominican operation to which the United planes are going is going to be staffed by Dominican crews.

Hopefully the 121 carrier will start hiring someday..and if we do you United guys are more than welcome.

Wish we could just all get along....
727PAA ,
I could not have said it any better. I think we should all just get along. This place could be great; we have some real nice people working here. Of course there are a few i wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire but this type of person you could find anywhere in today’s society.
Some of the good guys have work hard to get this thing started (with out pay) and it looks like were not going to be reworded for are hard work and BS we had to put up with on a new start airline. Enough said, hopefully management will come around.

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