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Palm pilot aviation software

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Well-known member
Jan 8, 2002
Does anyone know of any useful aviation programs for palm pilot?

I am thinking about buying a PDA, just wondering if there's anything interesting out there to run on one.
FlightLevel 2000 makes a palm version of their excellent logbook program that is supposed to be decent. Can interface with the PC based version too.
aspenleaf.com has a GPS program with unlimited FREE updates for life for something like $49 now. I have this and it works pretty well, plus saving the money on the updates is great. They are working on a moving map version which will also be a FREE upgrade once it has finished testing and production runs. They even have site links to help buy the PDA and GPS unit as cheap as possible. I paid $250 for the complete setup, and i will always take the FREE upgrades they have.

I think that is still the website, if not it will at least have a link to get to the correct part of the site.

One drawback is, do NOT buy the PDA with little memory. GPS systems take a lot of space and you will do best with one that has upwards of 16MB if you can get it. MY 2MB PDA barely holds the info, and allows nothig else to be on there because of space problems. Soon i will be going to the newer iPAQ PDA with the newer GPS system as advertised in SPorty's, but i WILL NOT buy it from them... they over charge so much for their stuff.
Here something that might help.......

With so many companies willing to outbid eachother for your almighty dollar. do shop around for the best buy. Avshop offers this comparsion to the Garwin 295, one of the best selling color handheld GPS, until this techno came along. Avshop.com also had some customer reviews.


good luck......8sm

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