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Pacific Wings

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What's insane is that you posted five day old news that's been all over this forum.
Aloha Pilots Protest Airline Benefit Cuts

Aloha Pilots Protest Airline's Benefits Cuts

Airlines Going To Court In Hopes Of Setting Aside Labor Contracts

POSTED: 4:06 pm HST October 27, 2005
UPDATED: 5:31 pm HST October 27, 2005

HONOLULU -- Aloha Airlines pilots demonstrated in front of the company's downtown offices Thursday. The informational picket lines come on the eve of a hearing in federal bankruptcy court.

The pilots are upset because the company wants to set aside its labor contracts.

Pilots said they agreed to a 20 percent pay cut going into bankruptcy. In return they said Aloha told them it would not ask the court to set aside the company's labor contracts. On the picket line, they said Aloha Chief Executive Officer David Banemiller lied to them.

"We were told specifically by conceding wages and a few work rules the company would not go to court over it," Capt. Walt Kaneakua said.

The company said it could not predict the increased competition and the high cost of fuel.

The company said the pilots enjoy one of the most lucrative pension and benefits package.

The airline also wants to cut the pension plans of retired pilots too. Retirees maintain the Ing and Ching families, who are behind the airlines, have a moral responsibility to the retired pilots, too.

They blame the families for failing to upgrade Aloha's aircraft, which are not very fuel-efficient.

"The airline was neglected for a decade and we are paying for it now. But, we don't think the employees ought to have to pay for their mistakes," retired pilot Steve Brenessel said.

The pilots said they are frustrated they have not been able to talk directly with the Yucaipa group, the new investors, to try to negotiate a compromise.

The company said the additional cuts will help preserve the jobs of 3,500 employees.

So far, Aloha has reached an agreement with its clerical staff and dispatchers, but not the mechanics, flight attendants and pilots.

Thursday was the first of a number of informational pickets the group has planned.
Maui News Editorial

Thursday, October 27, 2005 12:19 PM

Incident more than a scuffle

An incident at Kahului Airport last week – as related by the alleged victim since airport officials aren’t talking – may be indicative of a more encompassing problem involving security guards hired by a Mainland company under contract with the state.

The Airports Division of the state Department of Transportation contracts airport security to Wackenhut Corp. in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. That puts the local security personnel a long way from any supervision from their company or the state.

Anecdotal evidence indicates the security guards at Kahului Airport take their jobs very seriously, perhaps too seriously. As the main gateway in and out of Maui, personnel at the airport not only come in contact with tourists but local residents.

The Maui News has received letters from individuals who felt harassed and unduly ordered about by security guards. A call was made to the newspaper Wednesday morning from a resident who said he was glad someone was standing up to the guards. “I don’t have problems with them, I just let them push me around,” the caller said.

In last week’s incident, the part-owner of an airline claimed he and an employee were beaten and held in handcuffs under “citizen’s arrest” before being charged with harassment and resisting arrest in one case and third-degree assault in the other.

Nearly a week later, the Airports Division of the DOT had nothing to say about the incident. The Maui Police Department refers requests for information to the DOT. If state officials are not taking the incident – and other complaints of treatment at the hands of airport security guards – seriously, they should be.

Apparently, individuals who are not sworn police officers can make citizen’s arrests and hold people for an unspecified length of time before turning them over to police. This point of the law needs clarifying by the Legislature.

If these allegations of being beaten are true, the victims should pursue charges against the guards so the legal system can sort it all out since DOT officials, or any other agency, appear in no hurry to do so.
Vanscam, you been writing to the newspaper again?
dash8driver said:
yea.. violence is a shame. however..when you talk enough sh!t there will be a time when you may have to back it up, and you better be ready. apparently GK wasnt ready.

Just heard Wackenhut will be replaced by Securitas at OGG within 60 days and security at the CAT will be handled by the Honolulu Sheriff's Department in the interim.

Apparently somebody was able to back something up.

Bye Bye Wackenhut!
VanMan said:
Just heard Wackenhut will be replaced by Securitas at OGG within 60 days and security at the CAT will be handled by the Honolulu Sheriff's Department in the interim.

Apparently somebody was able to back something up.

Bye Bye Wackenhut!

good.. i wont miss wackenhut either.

to allude that anything was backed up is laughable. i dont know if i'd call getting beaten up as backing something up, even if it meant the replacement of a company. oooo.. wackenhut really got it now! its obvious his mouth took him places his body couldnt follow.

congrats on your "victory".

Life after Mesa

I understand your frustration. First he had you thrown out of the Maui Commuter terminal, even after your ex-president swore you would never leave. Now Wackenhut will be gone. Seems like somebody's getting everything they want... how about you?

Why not picket with these guys? It'll be good practice and give you an idea of what life will be like after Mesa leaves you unemployed.

Aloha Airline pilots picket

Several dozen pilots picketed outside the Aloha Airlines corporate offices on Thursday over the company's reorganization plans.

Management is expected to file a motion in bankruptcy court on Friday to terminate labor contracts and benefit pension plans.

Pilots say they've already made many concessions and can't afford to lose any more.

"They want a free hand in setting their own hourly wages, benefits, work rules, everything that governs the way we work as pilots. They want to put it back together again and it's utterly unacceptable," says Steve Brenessel, retired pilot.

Aloha officials say they're seeking cuts to preserve jobs, and offered to increase company share in contribution plans to make up for the loss of benefit pensions.
VanMan said:
Seems like somebody's getting everything they want... how about you?

are you saying he wanted an ass kicking?

funny how you dont think you're going to be affected by mesa. then again you may be right. mesa competes with airlines, not with carnival rides... your customers are your pilots. as long as they keep renting the plane for you, you'll stay in business.


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