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overseas, is there anything left?

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Mmmm, I look good.
Jul 4, 2005
...for a low time (3000tt) pt 121 turboprop captain?

I know, I know get in line. Looking for a change of pace in the midst of stagnation. Sick of getting raked over the coals on reserve, with no end in sight.
overseas stuff

There is still movement in the ME, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, KSA, but you have to be willing to put up with a whole other kind of Bull &hit from the locals, un-organised, bend the rules kind a stuff, unless you get on with a really established operation that was set up by Good expats, who got their foot in the door and stayed. M ost of those are word of mouth.

Good Luck

There are a number of contract atr/q400/fokker/casa-212 prop jobs in Asia and africa on job boards and/or contract agencies.

Precision Air in Dar-es-salaam is looking for ATR guys.

it might help if we knew what types you had and time on type.
Im also a low time (3000+ tt 500+pic) ca w/ dhc8 type lookin for something interesting/more lucrative overseas. ana wasnt going to work but im looking for other options. Is fly dubai hiring fo's w/o 73 time? Open to anything

Thanks for any advice
Im also a low time (3000+ tt 500+pic) Is fly dubai hiring fo's w/o 73 time?

Thanks for any advice

Yes they are. A friend of mine just started class there as an f/o. He is a former MD11 Captain.
Very competitive out there even with time in type.

Things in East Africa seem to be slowly picking up. A couple of places are adding cargo aircraft in UAE.


IMF recently reported they are expecting growth of 4+% GDP in 2010 for Africa.
Ethiopian are increasing their MD11 fleet from one to three. They will be interviewing soon for the second aircraft. You have to have previous experience on the MD11.

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