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Overseas flying


Jul 27, 2002
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What type of opportunities are there overseas for the pilot with U.S. regional "times". Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Aug 10, 2002
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foreign jobs

There are few flying jobs overseas for low time pilots. Mostly because of the employment laws within that country. There is some employment overseas for US pilots, but generally they will only accept high qualified people. There are some exceptions. US comapanies that have overseas contracts. Humanitarian and relief organizations. And companies that operate in such crap holes or treat and/or abuse their people so badly that no national will work for them. I have operated overseas and am familar with this.

Europe is for the most part a closed market. Especially now with the EU certificates. Central and South America is prtty much closed. Africa and the Middle East, is open if your experienced. Asia from what I can tell varies a great deal. Some countries are some what open and others, forget it.

Good luck.