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Opinions on rolling flt. case in Sportys

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Dork No More!
Nov 26, 2001
Anybody use this one? It's the nice-looking leather chart case with two exterior pockets and wheels with a telescoping handle. Page 33 of April-July issue.

I thought it would make life easier for the out-and-back trips so I don't have to carry the heavy case by hand. Plus, the diminsions look pretty big in the catalog, which is what I want for all the "essential" junk I bring with me.

But for $379, I would like to get some advance feedback before I purchase. Is it good quality? Rugged? Lots of storage? For comparison, I currently use a cheap $50 "catalog case" from Office Max. I see lots of poor FOs like me with them, so I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. It's a little small and is hard to stuff everything into it.

It's probably a very nice flight case. For what it's worth, though, I've shopped around and always found Sporty's to be way overpriced.

I'd also be concerned about something like that being ripped off.
I agree that Sporty's is overpriced. Does any other company sell this or similar flight case?

I'm not too worried about thieves. Lots of pilots have nice, expensive flight cases. Just be careful where you leave it.
If you get beat up by Flight Attendants often, a rolling flight case may be the way to go;) Seriously, if you want to blow $400 on a chart case...buy a Scott bag or other of similar quality. You can by a handle strap that attaches to your 22 roller for $10 if you don't want to carry your flight case. Almost everybody I know has that (Travelpros come with the handle).

Out and backs are great....until you don't get back. I remember one crew at Lakes that was on an out and back. 4 days later they made it home (and they flew all 4 days...). They were the stinkiest, most ragtaggle crew I've ever seen. 4 days in the same shirt flying a Brakillya in the summer....Call a medic!
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The thing about the Scotts that I have seen is that they don't have external pockets. Those are so handy.

And the reason I want one with wheels is for the out-and-back trips when I don't bring my travel pro with me. I've been using a regular flight case attached to a hook for a long time.

So really, I just would like opinions about the quality and usefulness of the bag in question.

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