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Old Movies

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>>>>>>Some one mentioned Murphy's War. I think that was a Grumman Goose that he fixed up in that movie.

Nope, that was a Duck, sometimes it's hard to keep the grumman waterfowl straight.

Goose, radial engine twin, flying boat.

Duck, Single radial engine biplane, conventional looking except for a huge single pontoon built into the underside, like a giant tumor on an otherwise attractive airplane.
Another one I thought of- "Charley Varrick." (1973)

This doesn't have that much flying in it, but it features Walter Matthau as an independent crop-duster pilot who also happens to be a bank robber. Things get interesting when a small-town bank his crew robs has a lot more money than expected. Very entertaining, and the ending is great, with Joe Don Baker chasing Matthau in his Stearman.

I don't think this has been released on VHS or DVD, but it does show up on AMC once in a while.

Ohhh ok so it was a Grumman Duck. Ok I always thought it was a Goose but then again, a goose is a whole lot bigger then a duck for sure. Literally and for the sake of this post. I wonder if there is a Grumman Coot, or a Grumman Loon? Just kidding.

Has anybody mentioned "Flight of the Phoenix" ? If you've seen it recently it won't come as a shock that tragically, the test pilot was killed in that contraption.
Some of you guys may have seen this one...

Afterburn starring Laura Dern (Jurassic Park). True story (I think) about the early wire chafing problems with the F-16 that killed a few pilots. I think its like an HBO or Showtime original movie. Good story.

600' AGL Autopilot on.

they teach you THAT! in the CIA?
you are foprgetting

fate is the hunter coffee spilling on the dash takes out a passenger jet it was pretty naeat and spooky !! Chas
Ememy lines

I posted something about this on the Top Gun post. I know its not an old movie, by any stretch of the imagination, but have any of you seen the movie, "Behind Enemy Lines." I would recommend it if you haven't, the movie is a really great, the flight scenes are really really neat.

As far as old movies, go, I don't guess I would really call this movie an aviation movie, but it does deal with it some. What about the movie "War Games". With Matt Broderick. Its a classic


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