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OK, soap box time!

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Active member
Jan 27, 2002
You know, desert pilot has a point there with his inspiration post, in fact I'm going to take it one step further and say the events of 9/11 have still to this day given me greater resolve to go out and excell in life because you never know when some half wit,brain dead religious nutter,who has an inferiority complex because the rest of the world is doing better than them can come along and snuff your life out. And yes, lets be very realistic here and not so bloody politically correct and say that the majority of the worlds problems stem from a section of the world where these utter fruitcakes stew and dwell and fester on some ridiculous half baked moronic view that their god is better than every body elses or some other stupid unrealistic fantasy they have. The morons of 9/11 did do one thing however - wake the world up to how vulnerable we all are, and how lax I guess you could say we take home security. But I tell you what - any one of these psychotic,brain dead,religiously Faaaarked up individuals even so much as set a toe near the flightdeck door of one of my flights and they will cop an emergency crash axe either up the A#$ or through the middle of their vacuous bone dome.

Anyway thats my two bobs worth. You guys in the USA probably don't need to be reminded of the whole thing, but it still does effect people around the world, especially an industry where you work so **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** hard to get to and then someone comes and steals the rug out from under your feet - hence the guys that are furloughed.

Can someone hurry up and find this Osama Bin Laden wanker, brain dead, half wit, turban wearing faaaarkwit and exterminate the jerkoff!!
Interesting perspective....!

Amen, brother. We need to see more @ss-kicking and less finger-pointing on tv. And as a military dude, I'd like to see the gloves come off.

Boy...I'm gonna have a FARKING cow.

Uhhhh Dan ... with all due respect to your spiritual views, I must respectfully take issue with your characterization of Islam as a nutter religion. And no ... I'm not going on a tirade about the millions of peaceful Moslems and all that gash. I'm merely going to point out that it is a very fine line between bombing abortion clinics or sniping OBGYNs and flying a widebody into a building. All religions have their nutcases.

The next time an abortion clinic is bombed or a doctor is shot should we round up the Baptists? Personally, "Christians and Lions" is a spectator sport I could sink my teeth into. :D But it ain't gonna happen. Actually considering that about 90% of all current combat in the world is taking place over religious differences (include tribal strife IMHO) maybe we should just outlaw religion? Muslims against Jews, Christians against Muslims, Animists against Christians, Muslims against Hindus, even Christians against Christians (Bosnia). D@mn ... I'm glad I'm Buddhist, we've never had a 'religious' war. Oh wait ... I forgot about Sri Lanka. Sh!t. Oh well ... I guess that's all of us.


Rev. Thich Minh Thong
Rinzai Zen Priest (and all around wanker)
And Chunk ... I too gave Uncle Sam five years of my life to defend your right to be an ill-informed militant arse. So ... rock on brother!


Perhaps, oh wise one, you will take the time and enlighten me as to how I am "misinformed"....as for militant, if that's what you call someone who is tired of people talking about 9/11 like it's something that just "happened" and not what it actually was, a cold, calculated act of mass murder and war, then so be it.

As for the arse, well....
Oops ... I saw the avatar on Aust's post and thought he was Turbo (same avatar). My bad ....

Chunk ... just a friendly jab my man. Nothing personal intended. It's just that many of us - me included at one time - are a little quick with the "Kill 'em all ... let God it sort out" quips. It's a somewhat logical, yet purely emotional, reaction to the horror of 9/11. Quite understandable in the beginning.

However, if we look deeply into the roots of this incident we will see (assuming we are truly looking with an open mind) that merely leveling a county or two won't prevent it from happening again, and that we are painting Moslems with a rather large brush. At least part of the problem of Islamic terrorism goes back to 1948, part of it is the incorrect interpretation of the Koran, and there's a hundred other reasons, I'm sure.

The point being ... bombing anyone into the stone age isn't going to put an end to terrorism. But it'd make a lot of people feel better. :D

CAVOK to ya' ...

this theory may be out there, but it's good to have an open mind;

in these times we're in, maybe the WTC wouldn't have been a smart place to work. (i.e. the biggest buildings in the biggest city in the usa - hence the most likely target).

likewise, I'm not sure I'd live in washington D.C. today (i.e. prone to nuclear attack)
Snakum . . .

. . . it goes back a lot longer than 1948. The Mus are still pi$$ed about the crusades. How does one deal constructively and based on reason with someone with a 1000 year-old grudge whose stated intent is the absolute destruction of our nation?
And the last time I noticed we were still after Eric Rudolph, too.
Interesting discussion.

With so much of the world involved in some sort of religion or other it makes one think. They obviously believe very strongly in theirs. (referring to the muslims) My question would be what do Americans believe? Why do we believe it? And, how strongly do we believe it? Are we content to just ride along and enjoy ourselves as a passenger or do we believe we have a responsibility to the world and humanity?

I guess this brings us to the whole civil liberties debate.

At the risk of enraging someone, the muslim/christian conflict was foretold in the Bible.

Just a few thoughts.
"The Mus are still pi$$ed about the crusades."

D@mn ... now that's holding a grudge! :D

Granted, 'old school' Islam is still hip to conversion by sword and the massacres (descriptions by people who were there speak of 'rivers of blood pouring from the mosques') in Jerusalem 1000 years ago are possibly used as a rallying cry, but I don't believe the genesis of today's trouble go that far back. But it's possible that it is another of the "hundreds of other reasons" I mentioned.

Also ... that fact that the FBI is still after Eric R. doesn't negate the (to me) obvious conclusion that Christian extemists are no better than the Muslim flavor ... they're all nutters. But would bombing Alabama (or where ever he's from) into the stone age prevent another abortion clinic bombing? Not likely. You'd probably only wind up creating more nutters. Face it ... blowing away a few entire countries would make us feel better but it ain't gonna stop Islamic extremism.


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