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office depot wheeled catalog case

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Well-known member
Jul 10, 2003
Has anyone had any problems with the lift handle on the $80 wheeled catalog case from office depot? Ive heard a few bad things about the cheaper catalog cases lift handles busting off.Ive had mine for over a year and its still holding up,however the pull handle broke months back.Im mainly concerned with the lift handle.

Im interested in the soft case,if anyone knows what im talking about.Its the one with the straps instead of the click locks.Is this one pretty reliable??

Thanks a lot.
ballistic nylon case

The one i was asking about with the straps is the ballistic nylon case.They look pretty sturdy,any opinions on this one?

i got that one in feb after the handle broke off the cheap one. I haven't had any problems with it.
Yours sounds like my friends....

Does it have zippers that hold it together on the outside...away from the handle?

If it was he had the problem of the zippers falling down all the time.

I have this 80 dollar one that is a hard case...has a zippered pouch on the front. After about five months of use I am using faa tape to hold the bottom closed:(

Wankel 7,

Taping the bottom part only after 5 months huh? That sucks. I think i have the same model you have.Mines the hard case with the side zippers and has the wheels so you can pull the sob if your not luggin around your rollerboard.The freakin zippers on mine keep falling down too,but i could care less about that as well as the broken pull handle.Im concerned with the bottom crapping out and the lift handle breaking off.I think im gonna break down and fork out some cash for something more reliable.

Neither of those pictures are of the one i have.Mines not made of leather or whatever that material is in the pics.Thanks anyways though.

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