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Oct UPS Classes?

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Well-known member
Mar 18, 2005
So, I thought I'd be the one to get us started for October.

Does anyone know what's in store for October classes. I figure some of us should be getting calls soon if they intend on holding classes next month.

Here's to keeping your head above water.

Hang in there!

Hey bohnzai!

I wish I had some good news for you, but I haven't been in that part of HQ for a long time. Been enjoying some well-deserved time off after passing my checkride. From the rumors that I have heard in the last month or so, is that they still want to empty the pool. Maybe some of the other folks that just started classes recently know something more... We'll get ya' down here; just keep floating! We don't want you sinking now.

1800 RVR
LLB is still present.. No news on my end.

1800VR congrats on finishing you ride. Now go out and do a shot of 1800!!!

Splash, splash, just splashing around the old UPS pool.
My info says that no calls have been made for Oct yet cause no official date has been decided. I do know that there are lots of mgt hires waiting for classes also so i guess that the poolies will be competing with them for slots. When i hear something I will let yall know.

Talked to Paige last week, and to summarize:

- One class in Oct, maybe 2.
- After that, no more classes till the new year.
- That will leave the hiring for the year ~30-40 shy of the 300 target, - so that will be completed in January and beyond.
- She added that hopefully by Jan, the '06 hiring forecast would also
be in place.

We all know this kind of stuff changes often, so take it for what it's worth. In the same file; most of the word on the street is that hiring will continue, though not necessarily at the rate of this year.

Best of luck to all interested!
Any word on if the pool is going to be drained before more interviewing takes place (are they still interviewing)? Any word on how many they are losing from the pool due to being hired elsewhere (Fedex, Southwest)? For me it's either UPS or stay where I'm at. Wish the pool was first in, first out.

I have a feeling I am going to get called soon. Have been taking the advice of keep living life and not counting on when they will call. Am just about to get a new house with a big mortgage payment, bet they will call right after I sign on the dotted line!

Any contract updates?

Splishen and splashin in the pool -- Chris
YGASF said:
Because you would want a class date first instead of someone more qualified.


One would think that all those in the pool would be sufficiently qualified, considering that they have employment offers from UPS.

Therefore, a first in, first out 'pool' is only fair.

Even more amazing is that YGASF doesn't know some of the people I know who have been treading water in that pool so long their arms are like lead balloons by now. By virtue of the equipment they currently fly, their qualifications, and most importantly, their attitude, I am amazed they haven't been skimmed out of that pool and put where they would be the most help - on the line. They are above and beyond a lot of other pilot types I know. Let's hope UPS gets their act together before they lose these folks to other carriers, just as another poster mentioned.
LittleLearBoy said:
LLB is still present.. No news on my end.

1800VR congrats on finishing you ride. Now go out and do a shot of 1800!!!

Splash, splash, just splashing around the old UPS pool.

LLB- when you do finally get the call (and you will) we are gonna have a great big party in your honor! Oh, and you're buying the beer!

You've been out of the country or something? You've been waaay tooo quiet lately? Hang in there the call is coming soon, don't give up hope
AIR2MUD: Well send. You sound like a mean MFr! It is just the way the world turns, and it is not turning in my direction.

V-Stall: You put a tear in my beer. No calls, and yes I am out of the country. Just helped a bunch of fine US MARINES get a little closer to home. 10 more days with 3 more turns and then its states bound. I´m buying now, and the company is HOT!!!

OkeyThen: I hope Paige changers her mind about the class.

YGASF: I will not waste my time taking to zou because AIR2MUD said it all. 10 out of 10 pilots would say zou are DEAD wrong!! I am setting my parking break, and for the next 40 hours I will be called AIR2BUD! I am beening summons and boy is she HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT!!!!

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