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OAL Jumpseaters on United to be charged...

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Disgruntled User
Nov 12, 2005
Please tell me ALPA is on this one....United to Charge off line jump seaters if they are assigned a seat in coach? Apparantly it will be an ID90 travel charge if you are not affiliated with an express carrier, and express carriers will receive the base fee plus tax! So, whithout saying, this will probably be setting a new industry standard....I hope like hell this is being protested!
Thanks Shrek, but I wanted to bring this discussion to the majors forum. The other thread was under regionals.
This rumor was started due to some incorrect information from the UAL/UAX customer Service departments, along with the UAL/UAX travel/benefits departments. upper managements, and the UAL/UAX JSC reps got this straightened out a week or two ago.

There is no charge for UAL/UAX OMC travel in coach or first class regardless of who you work for. There are segment fees for some of the UAX carriers for non rev seats (higher priority).
I heard this from a UAL gate agent in Denver two weeks ago. She gave me my OMC authorization and said to take any empty seat in the cabin. Flew home on United last week, managed a seat in First Class, and nobody said nothing about any charges...What are they going to do? Send me a bill?

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