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O/M not lighting on audio panel

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Well-known member
Dec 3, 2001
I was testing some panel equipment today and when I tested the marker beacons the O/M lite bulb was the only one to not light up .Would it be safe to assume that its just a bulb in all likely hood How difficult is the bulbv rep[lacement .,? thanks! Vavso
Tough to say - audio panels are all different.

If you've got an old Narco panel with the big round buttons (look like 45 calibers going into the panel) then you've got light bulbs. For the majority of the other stuff, these are usually LED's or light emitting diodes. Sorry the shop will have to fix them because they have to be connected to the board.

The av. shop I deal with was not expensive for the job. It was like 10 cents for the diode and about $30-40 for the labor. It's an airplane - everything (even changing light bulbs) will be expensive.

It's just like the old Cherokees with the rotating beacon on the tail. The originally installed unit was like a mini lighthouse. A lightbulb surrounded by lenses that rotated and made the beacon effect. The light bulb was exactly the same as an automotive bulb (1030 or 1040 - something like that). The automotive bulb was 50 cents. The bulb from Piper was $12.50. One BIG difference - the bulb from Piper had a PMA stamp on it which made it legal. There was a big argument about users who changed their own and others that only used the Piper part. Generally the war of words would escalate because this was a light bulb but then the alternator on the Cherokees was exactly the same as the one on a whole slew of Chrysler products from 1960 to about 1978 - again no PMA stamp!

Be careful.

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