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NWA Transferring Pinnacle Assets

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Sep 23, 2005
Today it was confirmed that Northwest management is considering transferring Pinnacle CRJs to Mesaba airlines.

The recent pilot staffing problems and resulting cancellations at Pinnacle have Northwest management on edge.

Mesaba has a few CRJs being used for proving runs, and that will be all they receive from the delivery side for now. Any other CRJs they receive will come from Pinnacle.
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It's flightinfo.com.

Since when did any of this stuff need a legitimate source to be posted. There should be a disclaimer that says, "for entertainment purposes only".

Nice try, next time try to use a credible "source" and you'll probably get more nibbles.

Additionally, wait until you have more posts under your belt. If you're not a regular, most experienced people on here will ignore you until it's on the AP News Wire or Yahoo Aviation News.

Been through "the sky is falling!" once too many times...

A for effort though. ;)
I was in the same meeting. Are you saying if I posted it, that people would believe it more? That's fine, believe it or don't, I don't care.
Possibly... read your posts before, it's more believable if you can quote time and place of meeting and in what context the statement was made and by whom.

No offense, but just not that jumpy. :)
I understand... you're one of our dispatchers, aren't you? That makes it a bit more believable, don't think one of you would steer us wrong on something like that.

If 405 is at work, tell him to call me when he gets a chance...

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