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NWA Poolies and news

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Active member
Nov 30, 2001
I have quite a few questions for anyone with info about NWA-

Is there any talk of recalls?
How much are reserve guys flying at the moment?
Does anyone know the status of people in the pool prior to Sept. 11th? I am (was) in the pool and have no idea what our status is (or isn't).
And finally, does anyone have Angie Graham in HR's phone number?

Thanks for any info. NWA never seems to get much press.....
I'm a NWA furloughed pilot. I'll help as best I can.

1.) Lots of talk about recalls--but nothing official. The consensus rumor for the start of recalls occurs in the Sep-Dec 02 timeframe. Some people have heard that the length of the recall will take another 12 - 15 months to exhaust the list. Others have been more optimistic. The only thing that the comapany has said is that there is a plan & they will give the union a 4 month "heads up." If that is true, it looks like Aug would be the earliest as no word yet.

2.) Reserves are apparently being used alot. 80 hours & up per month from what I have heard.

3.) I have heard nothing about the "poolies," but I can only assume with current info & projections (this is only my opinion) that all "poolies" will be required to interview again. I say this only because of the time from Sept 11th until any real new hiring takes place. I do think that NWA will call you all first, at least I hope so.

4.) Try this # for Angie Graham. 612-726-8831. It should get you someone who can get you the # for her.

Please pass along any info. Good luck!
Good to hear some news from someone on the inside (sort of). Do you really think it will take a year to complete the recall of the 590 furloughed guys? It looks like traffic is coming back fairly quickly, and with regular retirements and attrition, it would seem like there is going to be a rapidly growing hole that is going to need to be filled. How many guys can NWA put through training in a month?
In general, I think NWA has weathered the storm better than the other majors. I do think those in the pool will have to complete at least some of the interview process over again. But I don't imagine it hurts too bad to walk into an airline interview having already been hired once by that airline.
The number is 490 furloughed.

It could take a year. You have to take into account the furlough returns are not the only ones being trained, all those people moving up are also being trained. A major airline is a big machine, getting it going (or changed) quickly doesn't happen. Even furloughs didn't happen for about 3 months after Sept 11(except for the lucky new hire folks). The number of people that can be put through training each month is a mystery to me, but the typical new hire class was about 20, add in all the other training and...I don't know.

NWA seems to be a very conservatively run airline. In time like this that can be good...then again maybe this is a time for expansion.

Those of you hired that didn't start training will probably get another "interview" where they make sure you're still an OK person. My guess is it will be very low threat. You'll probably get another physical, too.

I think that one of the problems might be the retraining of all the DC-10 drivers. The Metro times says that all the DC-10's (21 of em..... Why did they just build a brand new 10 hangar?????) are going bye bye by June.

I bet after all those pilots are retrained, then things will start to heat up again.

Good Luck to all of you both on the street and in the pool!!
Agree with the previous posts. NWA will not recall until it hurts and they can't stand it anymore as pilots are there most expensive labor group. They also reached an agreement with the union over the use of more CRJs as long as they do not exceed 44 seats. These factors along with the elimination of the DC-10 will slow the start of the recall. The rate of the recall will have to compete with other existing training as people regain previous positions. My 12 - 15 month guestimate is based on the time it would take to train that many new hires. Classes have ranged from 6 - 20 per class starts so that equates to about 24 - 80 per month. I also think that the re-interviews for the poolies will be low threat. Pretty much just to make sure things have not changed as far as speeding tickets, criminal convictions, etc. I would highly suggest that the poolies keep flying currency to some degree. Good luck!
I was in the pool pre 9/11 also....I don't know how things have been at other carriers, but the DAL connection flights (mine anyway) have been very full. I was non-reving last weekend on mainline and had a tough time getting out because everything was full. Hopefully the majors will start adding capacity soon.
One interesting (and helpful maybe) twist. What if you are on furlough for less than 12 months? I have heard that if you're out less than a year all you need for retraining is kind of an "SVT" type retraining, i.e. one day of academics, sim prep and sim check. Maybe three days total. That would significantly increase the number of people that NATCO could push through training each month, thus reducing the total time it takes to bring everyone back.
Now maybe I'm talking out my a$$ because I've never seen it written anywhere how much retraining is needed. Anybody out there with an ear to the ground at NATCO that could verify what the retraining rules are?
Best of luck, everyone. 1st QTR financial results weren't as bloody as Wall Street was predicting and we apparently made a profit in Mar. Hopefully that will translate into some recalls late this summer.

I hope that the carriers give us more than three days of training. After six months I'd be hard pressed to pick my aircraft type out of a lineup. I remember that it was old and dirty and I didn't get to sit up front with the other two guys. Heck, they didn't even let me fly when it should have been my turn. And I got yelled at a lot because it was too hot (or was it too cold?).

Ms Fan , Less than 12 mo. you just get SVT.The FOM has a list of training given after being off an a/c, although you can ask for more.JW

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