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NWA MEC returns to the table

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ASA pilot
Mar 31, 2005
MEC Chairman Mark McClain reconvened the meeting at 9:27 a.m. today. After some opening remarks, the meeting was closed as the MEC discussed negotiating options. The MEC debated and discussed this issue for the majority of the day. After the discussion ended, the MEC voted and unanimously passed Resolution #05-65 (MEC Direction to the Negotiating Committee).

MEC Direction to the Negotiating Committee

WHEREAS the NWA MEC has carefully considered the present circumstances facing Northwest Airlines, and

WHEREAS the NWA MEC has concluded that it is in the best interests of the NWA pilot group to engage in negotiations with management in the near term to determine whether a reasonable plan of action, including a revised pilot agreement which will produce significant levels of cost reductions and revenue enhancements, can be developed,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the NWA MEC authorizes the Negotiating Committee to commence such negotiations with Northwest management, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that any tentative agreement from these negotiations will be submitted to the membership for ratification unless the tentative agreement is rejected by the MEC,

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED the NWA MEC Chairman shall continue his attempts to encourage other NWA labor unions to participate with ALPA in these efforts.


The MEC unanimously passed Resolution #05-65 (MEC Direction to the Negotiating Committee) because NWA’s financial situation continues to worsen and ALPA believes NWA will file for bankruptcy if new labor agreements are not agreed upon in the near future. Your union leadership continues to believe it is in the best interests of all NWA pilots and all NWA employees to avoid a Chapter 11 filing, if appropriate agreements can be reached. The MEC recognizes that a new concessionary agreement does not guarantee NWA’s viability or even the avoidance of a Chapter 11 filing, but taking no action does guarantee a chapter 11 filing and hands us a bankruptcy judge’s decision. If the MEC Negotiating Committee is able to reach a tentative agreement with NWA management, the Negotiating Committee will present it to the MEC at a future MEC meeting. Unless the MEC rejects the tentative agreement, it will be sent to the membership for ratification.

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