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NWA and ERAU hiring program

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
In a related topic to the ERAU grads and hiring, this just out in the latest ERAU alumni newsletter

"Embry-Riddle and Northwest Sign Hiring Agreement"
Embry-Riddle and Northwest Airlines have agreed to implement a Dual-Track Hiring Program.
The program establishes initial selection criteria, course requirements, minimum flight experience requirements, and transport-category aircraft training at Northwest Airlines for qualified aeronautical science students at Embry-Riddle's residential campuses. Selected students will have the opportunity to be employed by Northwest immediately after graduation.
"We are delighted to enter into this landmark agreement with Northwest," said George Ebbs, university president. "This program shrinks the gap between degree completion and employment as a flight crewmember and gives graduates the opportunity to apply their knowledge of jet transport aircraft and airline operations immediately after graduation from our aeronautical science degree program."
Embry-Riddle and Northwest will jointly screen candidates for one of two tracks: certified flight instructor (CFI) to line pilot or aircrew training instructor (ATI) to line pilot. To qualify for screening, candidates must complete the sophomore year of the aeronautical science program, academically rank in the top 20 percent of their class, and be recommended by an Embry-Riddle professor.
Accepted students will attend Northwest Airlines-specific seminars at Embry-Riddle, achieve multi-engine and CFI ratings, and complete a one-semester internship at the airline that includes ground school and simulator time in Northwest designated aircraft.
Students will be further screened for pilot or flight crew instructor employment pending completion of the program. Graduates in the CFI track must complete 18 months as an Embry-Riddle flight instructor, while the ATI track requires 30 months as a flight crew instructor.
"Northwest is committed to providing our customers with the safest and most professionally trained pilots in the world," said Capt. Jeff Carlson, the airline's vice president of flight operations. "That's why we selected Embry-Riddle to be our education partner. Our relationship with Embry-Riddle ensures that our new-hire pilots have received the most comprehensive training available."
Northwest Airlines is the world's fourth-largest airline, with hubs in Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Memphis, Tokyo, and Amsterdam, and more than 1,400 daily departures. With it's travel partners, it serves more than 785 cities in 120 countries on six continents.

Another eye roller....
That made my day. I haven't laughed that hard in weeks. To all the old time captains at NWA ever try flying your plane single pilot. If not you'll have a chance when these kids end up online.
This business is goin to s*&t...Someone stop the world, I'm ready to get off! And to all of you at these schools (ERAU, PaAm,FSI ect.) stop trying to shortcut yourselfs out of good experiances. Everyone makes a mistake in this industry, better you make it flying charter or something like that than at a major airline. The lessons you'll learn from teaching people in a 172 for a few hundred hours and flying single pilot IFR for a check running co. are priceless.
:eek: I don't think this is true for Major NWA, I think this is for Airlink. I was myself intern in Flight Safety many years ago and they told me ones you have enough flight time they might talk to you. I think NWA is one of the difficult ones to fly for if you don't have enough flight time. Maybe it will work, good luck from pistoff Captains to Republic guys. I guess if UAL can do it why can't NWA.

Good luck to all, Fly Safe, Stay unified and Communicate!

Happy New Year 2002!
If this is true , that means you will have poeple flying C-172 to go and fly airbuses, and boeings.Im not saying that there is any thing wrong with flying the 172, but most of us started as CFI's including me , and you think you know it all when you get your CFI ticket ,but there is soo much to learn out there , starting with being a CFI which forces you to be a better pilot , because the person setting next to you( your students) will kill you if you are not ahead of the game , and charter flying single pilot at night in all different weather conditions,will teach how to fly real IFR.
Korean Air has their FO's flying airbuses and boeings fresh out of flight school, and they have one of the worst saftey records out there.hope that won't be the case with NWA. happy newyear.
Let's not forget that this program was born before Sep 11th.. Maybe it is a thing of the past by now.
Shortcuts to a Major Airline Career

With everything I've seen on this board and everything I learned about hiring ten years ago I could write a book with the above title :rolleyes: .

Chperplt has a point about 911. Notwithstanding his point, though, to quote Ringo Starr, "You got to pay your dues before you can sing the blues, and it don't come easy." I second Bigboy and Bored to Death. Experience is the best teacher. I must reiterate that I still can't believe how much I learned about aviation as a flight instructor. And don't believe everything you read, either.
It might be shocking and it isn't just Korean Airlines that does this sort of practice.

Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Swissair, etc .. have some sort of cadet program. You go from zero hours to babysitting the autopilot on jet. You do this for 2yrs and then actually get to touch the controls.

Korean Airlines is not unsafe do to young cadets screwing up. They have much bigger issues there.
This program is set of for Northwest Airlines. Not Express or Mesaba. I have a copy of the Riddle Magazine here and it explains the requirements for being considered.

I sure hope it was canceled after the attacks. It's bad enough we (Riddle grads) have these silly programs in place for regionals, let alone majors.


...yet another Riddle eye roller.
NWA has been doing this for a while

I am by no means saying that I am right or know much about the subject but from what I understand a program similar to this has been in effect for a while. A friend of mine told me a while ago that he was told of a program where you could teach NWA ground school for 3 years upon which point you would be offered a position as a FO. He had heard this from a NWA pilot I believe. Like I said, I"m not trying to incite anything here, I am just curious if I am right or misinformed.

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