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no sign of cass system at usa jet

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Well-known member
Jul 28, 2005
Dear piloy yip and other members of the aviation community,

I am really concerned how the management of usajet in my opinion thinks that the pilots of usajet should pay for the cass system. It is like saying that the management of pinnacle airlines would want their pilot to pay for the cost of the cass system. The cost of the cass system is a drop in the bucket. The cost of the cass system should be a cost of doing business. The pilots of usajet just finished filling out a survey asking the pilots about how would they feel about paying for the cass system . Who in their right mind would say it was okay for the company to take money away from us especially when we are making almost the same money as unemployment and doing the hardest job in the industry. I urge all pilots to not let all the company's demoralizing actions affect our job, but instead we should keep voicing our concerns to management continiously. Let the company know:
Let me finish with a prayer. Lord anyone reading this feel compassion in your heart and tell the pilot recruiter at you airlines to hire usajet pilots. I need a job so my little boy can eat.
Would the company paying for CASS restore morale?
pilotyip said:
Would the company paying for CASS restore morale?

First of all I am very happy that pay will be restored, that was certainly great news.

Now, as far as CASS goes: Given the rumored $9K a year is true, that turns out to be less than $100 per pilot per year. I think it would be a nice token of appreciation by management to the pilots to pay the cost of CASS and would certainly help to restore the morale. I know it would with me and I don't even commute. :)

Just my $0.02
The company SHOULD pay for CASS!

It's just good common sense for gosh sakes!

Approximately 42% of our pilots commute. If even 10% of those quit and went to work somewhere else rather than pay for CASS, the cost of replacing those pilots would pay the CASS bill for years!

Look, we don't have that many perks to start with, and the company could completely itemize the cost of CASS as a business expense. The company monopolizes MANY more hours of our time than they pay us for, including the cost of our benefits. They've taken away the layover pay benefit (that was supposed to compensate us for monopolizing more of our time than they were paying for). The company doesn't credit us for hot crew time when we are defacto sitting hot crew.

The company has always maintained that when "they take something away, they always balance it with giving something back." Well, I think the company sposoring the CASS system for us would be a very small balancing "give back".

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