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Whine Lover

Well-known member
Jun 19, 2005
I hear there are a lot of LGA turns available for pick up over at SWA...

Seems that place (LGA) just plain sucks no matter who you are.

However, when we had to sit for 2 hours waiting for take-off at least we were getting paid over and above.

Is a "trip" just a trip ( same pay ) no matter how long you guys have to sit out there?

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no, we still get paid overfly. It just doesnt start until 12 minutes over the sched. The TA was 5 minutes over, but either way in LGA money will be made...
How are they gonna do it?

Pull off V1 while taxiing to the hold short of course. I mean, the airport's not big enough to facilitate "hauling the chili" on taxiway AA.
Our ops say 15 Knots max taxi speed at LGA. SWA is at least 50 kts. How they gonna do it ?

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